Slides and Links for Getting Started Making Games Panel

Published 21/07/2014

slidesOn the Sunday of AVCon, Jake Moore and Chris Johnson hosted on a panel called Getting Started Making Games. In the panel they listed several websites and tools that those interested should checkout. Below are links to those resources.

The biggest hurdle people often face when starting game development is the worry about the difficulty of the task. The only way around this is to start, start small and make simple games. Both Jake and Chris encouraged people to start by cloning existing games(eg. Pong) as a way to understand the internal logic behind those games. In order to gage an appreciation of all the elements involved in making games they recommend that only one person be responsible for the programming, graphics and sound in the first few games they work on. They recommended that after creating several smaller games people can then specialise and start collaborations. Working effectively in a team requires a shared understanding which comes about from dabbling in several areas of game development.

Once your game is complete they recommended doing some play testing with friends and family. Let them play the game and don't interfere unless the player get's very stuck. From a distance observe how the player interacts with the world, take notes if necessary. Afterwards ask them questions about it and ask for suggestions. Just remember to keep the games scope small and to interpret the reasons behind a player's feedback.

It was recommended that new developers release their games for free as a way to get feedback and exposure. Several game portals were suggested to aid in doing this. As your skills improve you can then consider selling your work.

There are several events that are locally run to support game developers. They encouraged the audience to come along to these events and connect with the community.

Panel Slides

Pixel Prospector - Indie Game Resource


First Game

Game Making Tools

Support Tools


Getting Help

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