Previous Years

2018 Games

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2017 Games

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2016 Games

With support from both UniSA and MonkeyStack, The Indie Games Room returns for 2016 with over 50 games lovingly crafted by game developers across Australia and New Zealand.

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2015 Games

For 2015 the Indie Games Room will once again be inside the Video Game Hall and has grown in size once again. Continued support from UniSA and Double Happy vs. the Infinite Sadness was very appreciated.

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2014 Games

For 2014 the Indie Games Room will be inside of the Video Game Hall with more games than ever before. This year we have received support from UniSADouble Happy vs. The Infinite Sadness and Turner Software.

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 2013 Games

2013 was the largest IGR to date with 45 games being shown within Hall K. UniSA continued to support us through sponsorship. Several IGR participants presented their games and held competitions on the Video Game stage.

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2012 Games

In 2012, IGR moved across into Hall K and continued to grow with 35 games. This was the first year that IGR received major sponsorship through the support of UniSA. Several developers included challenges within their games as part of AVCon's Alternative Gamer Competition.

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2011 Games

In 2011 the IGR was held in Rooms A and D at the Adelaide Convention Center. A stage was setup within the room to host talks, panels and demonstrations from people within the local games community. A keynote was presented by Tom Killen from The Voxel Agents. 2011 also saw a substantial increase in games with 31 games being shown, more than twice as many as the year before.

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2010 Games

In 2010, IGR moved across into Hall A within the Adelaide Convention Centre. This hall allowed for IGR to expand with 14 games being shown. As with previous years several panels were held about art, programming and business. Tony Reed from the Game Developers Association of Australia visited IGR to contribute to the panel discussion.

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2009 Games

In 2009, IGR was held inside of a tent within the Main Hall at the Adelaide Convention Centre. 10 games were shown. Several game development panels on art, programming and career pathways were also organised by the IGR.

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