2019 Games

The Indie Games Room is back again! With the support of the University of South Australia, Monkeystack. We're showcasing some of Australia and New Zealand's best independent games talent at Adelaide's AVCon.


Rooftop Renegade

by Melonhead GamesRooftop Renegade
Dash into Rooftop Renegade, a fast paced hover-blading platformer about speeding through levels while the evil Globacorp soldiers try to catch you!

Boost, grind and warp through a variety of challenge levels while the soldiers create hazards and traps to slow you down, while their backup tries to catch you.

Once you've taken on single player, dive into chaotic multiplayer battles! Take control of the soldiers and stop each renegade in their tracks.

With a variety of levels to master, and multiple loadouts to choose from, There’s plenty of ways to get your kicks!


by altArcade

ATMANATMAN is a rhythm game where you run from ghosts, collect rainbow cubes & use various power-ups earned by completing streaks to help you 100% each level's maze so you can take the elevator to move up the ATMAN tower on to the next level and top the leaderboard.
ATMAN puts the power of musical creativity in your hands through our uniquely intuitive "freeform" rhythm mechanic; we let YOU decide which individual beats are played based on the music you’re listening to. Essentially you freestyle your own rhythm to the beat of the music. Experience complete rhythmic creativity and control.

Backyard Cricket

by Bodacity
Backyard Cricket

Backyard Cricket is the virtual reality game making you the captain of your cricket destiny. Feel the knocks, hear the crunches and experience the flinches first hand as you wield your bat in the ultimate cricket arena.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to the game take your place at the stumps to experience the feel of hitting the winning runs. Smash sixes, play with finesse, play any shot you can imagine. Backyard Cricket puts you at the batting crease to call your own shots.

Will you take up the challenge?

Beat Rider

by NeonjoystickBeat Rider

Embrace the retro aesthetic as you dodge and weave neon obstacles, to a soundtrack of your choice! Unlock radical custom starships, recolours, and glows by completing challenges! And race your way through a branching story set to awesome synths that takes you through the retrofuture landscape!

Brief Battles

by Juicy CupcakeBreif Battles

May your butt reign supreme! Brief Battles brings butt-em-up action to your screen in a party game with a cheeky twist: It's all about the undies!

Start hilarious battles with nothing but your buns to slam and squish those in your sights. Scramble to grab super-powered undies to embrace the power of the butt and gain an underwear-fueled edge over your friends, as you strive to prove who has the mightiest buns.


by ZalshockCanvas

Paint to the beat and win! Canvas is a competitive rhythm-based couch-coop party game which involves controlling as much of the game board as possible.

Canvas supports up to 8 players over a wide range of controller types in hectic rhythm-based combat. If you’ve painted the majority of the board when the song ends, you win!

Customisation galore! Employ one of over 8 different styles of shots to capture as much of the game-space as possible. Alongside this, there are many different songs to follow the rhythm to, and currently three maps with unique gameplay mechanics.

Cardboard Carnage

by Arthur Ahcheecardboard carnage

Parents not home, tick. Boredom, tick. Time for some fun!
Cardboard Carnage is a fast-paced multiplayer FPS.
You control 1 of the 4 energetic children battling it out against their siblings and friends while their parents are not home.
The game is set in the early 90s to 2000s, seen through the cartoony imaginations of the children characters that you play.
Cardboard Carnage is created to bring back the joys of playing with your friends in a video game before the time of online gaming.
So jump in, pop on your cardboard box heads and let the carnage begin!


concussionEver been hit in the head before? Yeah it can hurt for a while, especially after waking up to find you’re stuck on an empty space station with only bouncy-ball launcher and a snarky disembodied voice to keep you company. What? Only me?
Concussion is a puzzle-platformer where you solve angle based physics puzzles by using the Concussion Gun to launch a ball at varying speeds. While traversing the levels and solving the puzzles, the ever “helpful” voice of the custodian comments on your skill while also directing you to the next puzzle with his ever creative language.

Down the Rabbit Hole

by Rebecca Inglis
Down the rabbit hole
Down the Rabbit Hole is a 2D action platformer with inspirations from Alice in Wonderland. Players Utilize the abilities of three different characters to traverse platforming puzzles and defeat enemies in combat. The key to success is mastering the abilities of all three characters and learning when and where to use these abilities.

Elemental Elixirs

by Liam Turner
elemental elixirs

Elemental Elixirs is a potion mixing, alchemy shop management VR game. A mix of puzzle solving elements and interactive processes.

You are in charge of ‘Elemental Elixirs’, a mobile alchemical store. Using the tools and ingredients available in your portable lab, you must master the process of elemental alchemy, the mixing and manipulation of elements, to create potions and satisfy the needs of customers. Aim to turn a profit as you work to pay off expenses and the cost of living, travelling to new locations whilst discovering new ingredients and researching increasingly complex concoctions along the way.

Frog's Princess

by Kathy Smart Game Designerfrog princess

Click, tap or swipe your way through the story of the Frog’s Princess, choosing what the prince and princess say as Francis tries to rescue his bodyguard and Emma tries to save her kingdom.
With 10 choices of dialogue whenever the prince and princess speak, you can build up a story which is likely to have different dialogue from anyone else's.
Finding out what happens on over 900 pages takes 3 hours, and longer if you experiment with over 4,700 dialogue choices.
Professional voice acting and original compositions enhance the adventures of the 2D characters over their imaged 3D backgrounds.


by BirdrunHomeowner

This is the story of John. John is an average person, living an average life, with an average cat. He cooks, goes to work, and sleeps, pets the cat, and orders takeout because he simply can't be BOTHERED, and oh dear, it's all gotten a little out of hand, hasn't it? "Homeowner" is a small, humorous game about the trials and tribulations of homeownership, and balancing the competing demands of work, sleep, stress and food. There's also a cat, because every home should have a cat. It features four minigames tied together by an overarching resource management / survival sim.

Little Reaper

by Little Reaper GamesLittle Reaper

Slash, dash and reap your way through the mystical realm of Little Reaper as Ollie, the Grim Reaper’s tiny assistant in this colourful adventure platformer game.
Ollie has been left in charge of Death’s Mansion while Grim has gone on a well-deserved holiday. Unfortunately, clumsy Ollie accidentally shatters a jar containing a vast, and important, collection of souls. Now Ollie has to traverse the lands of Death’s Domain and collect all the souls he let loose, or else he will suffer the wrath of Death. Or maybe worse… get fired!


by Drunk Galah
Mana Tech

ManaTech is a multiplayer twin stick fantasy shooter. Fight against another player in a battle of magic versus technology.

Control a character that represents the collective of Mages’ Guilds or a hero of the Common Populace, each character commanding their own unique abilities.

Battle against your opponents on dynamic and dangerous arenas.

Aim your attacks, dodge your opponent’s shots and utilize your character’s abilities to their fullest to be the last one standing.

Will you fight for Magic or Technology?

Mercforce: 30X1

by Tachyon Five
Save humanity! Get paid! The year is thirty-something-and-one; big money and bigger gunned PMC Mercforce is the only thing standing between the AI menace and mankind’s certain doom! Take the fight back to the drones across a series of exhilarating and explosive missions where the focus is acrobatic and thrilling gameplay, instead of complicated controls and mechanics. Fly alone or with your mates in a variety of combat spacecraft with an even bigger variety of exciting weapons! Mercforce: 30X1 is your new go-to for a quick rough and tumble in space!


by Tyler Rockoceanbound

OceanBound is a sandbox boat building, monster fighting game with a focus on strategically building boats designed for warfare against larger and more dangerous deep sea creatures. Successfully defeated creatures will yield their essence, which acts as a resource to build more onto ships. One must be careful though, lest they leave shore upon a titanic, and come back upon driftwood.

QR Code Killer

by Joseph FinciQR Code Killer

Use your phone to crack the case in this unique take on the detective genre. Interrogate and investigate with a never-before-seen dialogue system built around real-world detective techniques, experience the grit and character of New York City, and delve deep into a mystery that harnesses the power of Augmented Reality. We dare you to come and see if you’ve got what it takes to solve the case.

Romancing The Law

by Tessa Touchetteromancing the law

You play as Jacinta, a crime syndicate boss determined to date a handsome police officer and lawyer, while, uncovering a large scale scheme within the underworld.



by Codename: Jump Gamessky junkers

Enter a world of sky pirates, salvagers and treasure hunters alike. These aeronautical aficionados known collectively as Skyjunkers roam the skies seeking fortune and glory!

Team up with Atlas and his team of treasure hunters as they piece together an ancient machine that will guide them to a lost treasure. Armed with gizmos and gadgets, Atlas has to swing, jump and blast his way through the world, collecting the machine’s lost parts scattered across the world. But all is not so simple, as the crew must tackle rival treasure hunters and sky pirates alike who seek the treasure for themselves.


by Somewhat InteractiveSlidance

Slidance [/'slaɪdɛns/] is a slow-paced, meditative, single-player, mobile experience based on the parabolic movement of coloured shapes. The player tilts their device to move the currently active shape toward target points while avoiding moving obstacles -- the movement is determined by device tilt.
The game is backed by a slowly evolving, multi-layered, ambient soundscape, inspired by meditative sounds such as Baoding balls, Tibetan prayer bells, and singing bowls. It is designed to be ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) friendly, with some sounds based on common ASMR triggers.

Space Beards

by Angry Cactus Gamesspace beards

Space Beards is a game where you work with your friends as Jiggly Space Pirates to keep repairing your ship before it explodes!
Fend off asteroids from the ship, hit fire with a fire extinguisher, smack things with wrenches and use big wiggly swords to defend yourself.
Something new lurks in the depths of space. Do you have what it takes to survive the dreaded monsters of the void?

Note: Space Beards is recommended as a part of a balanced diet. Side effects may cause merriment of its players and the sudden need to do a jig.

Sprite Night

by Aarak AttwoodSprite Night

Sprite Night is set Late at night in a coastal town of France, forest sprites have come down from the mountains to cause havoc and mischief on a full moon. The sprites in their trickery, have forgotten the flow of time and with the sun quickly rising, it is up to the largest and oldest sprite to go and rescue the entire forest fay before the sun appears and they vanish forever. Environmental puzzles and ambient atmosphere bring a contrast of calm and challenge as players traverse a nightscape avoiding lights and solving simple puzzles to progress through the game.

Tech Hunter

by Split SymmetryTech Hunter

Tech Hunter is a science-fiction treasure hunting game. Use your fleet of unique vehicles to explore an alien planet, discover advanced technology
and upgrade your tools and equipment. Along the way you'll solve an ancient mystery, discover the purpose of the ruins and learn the story of the civilisation behind them.

Tech Hunter is a free roam exploration and puzzle solving game for console and PC gamers.

Tiki Trials

by Last Minute EntertainmentTiki Trials

A game for Speed-Runners and Collectors alike! In Tiki Trials, when your character meets and unfortunate demise, you don’t get a do-over. Death brings on the next Trial! But don’t worry, each Trial is short and snappy, ensuring the action is always kept flowing.

Traverse a 100-Trial Gauntlet, running through short, reaction-based challenges in rapid succession. All the while, the Tiki Gods will be watching, and judging your performance. Each Trial completed will increase your score, and picking up collectibles along the way will give you an extra score boost.

Are you up to the challenge?

Tinker and Spell

by Anthony Robinsontinker and spell

A boy driven by curiosity sets out on an adventure to seek the history of the world. What Tinker discovers sets him and his sidekick, Spell, on an action-packed adventure.

Join our heroes as they zip, slice and shoot their way through an array of enemies; gaining experience, learning new abilities and learning what happened in this strange land.



by Witch BeamUnpacking 2

Unpacking is a zen puzzle game about the familiar experience of pulling possessions out of boxes and fitting them into a new home. Part “item Tetris”, part home decoration, you are invited to create a satisfying living space while learning clues about the life you’re unpacking. Over the course of eight house moves, you are given a chance to experience a sense of intimacy with a character you never see and a story you’re never told.

Wheel of Doom

Wheel of DoomWelcome to Wheel of Doom, the latest highly anticipated mobile release from Afterburner Interactive. In this fast-paced, wave-defence video game, you’ll battle your way through numerous stages of anarchy, by swiping up and down to control your infamous Wheel of Doom. Accumulate credits by destroying waves of bandits, which will allow you to fill weapon slots with newly purchased, highly devastating armaments to take down the evil wasteland factions! Choose your load-out depending on the challenge ahead. Do you equip high damage, slow firing snipers for precision targeting? Or bullet-hell bazookas for all out carnage? The choice is yours!

Z3D Arcade Machine

by Voxon PhotonicsZ3D Arcade Machine

Introducing the world’s first volumetric arcade machine, the Z3D. After a successful debut at Tokyo Game Show 2018, Adelaide is next to experience the unique and captivating visual appearance of volumetric (holographic) gaming.

The Z3D will be showcasing two new titles inspired from classic gaming. 'Snaketron Z' what was ‘snake for your phone’ expanded into a true 3D, 4 player ‘eat ‘em up’ and 'Super Turrets' a charming artillery tank blaster with a fully destructible world and big explosions.

The Z3D brings science fiction to gaming. Developed right here in Adelaide by Voxon Photonics.