2017 Games

2017 marks 10 years of The Indie Games Room! With the support of the University of South Australia, Moneystack and IGDA SA we're showcasing some of Australia and New Zealand's best independent games talent at Adelaide's AVCon.

Armed with Wings: Rearmed

rearmed1by Sun-Studios

You are the sword; cut down your foes with steel and thunder. You are the wings; explore the skies and uncover unreachable mysteries. Embark on a journey through a vicious world ruled by darkness and imperial tyranny – the lands of Blackmist.

Auto Arcadia

auto arcade2by Double Shott

Our game aims to deliver an enjoyable racing experience without an esoteric focus on complex mechanical engineering – players of Auto Arcadia will be racing against their friends in the quickest time possible. We were inspired by the arcade racing cabinets of the 90s such as Initial D and Sega Rally, as well as the striking, stylized artistic style of Jet Set Radio Future. Auto Arcadia offers a variety of tracks, a selection of original cars, and many hours of high-octane racing to debut at AvCon 2017.


ballistic1by Neognosis

BallisticNG is a free anti-gravity racing game that takes the genre back to its roots. It's fast, technical and unforgiving.

The game sports five increasingly quick speed classes across a large range of tracks. You are provided with an assortment of weapons to damage and even eliminate your opponents.

BallisticNG brings back the classic Wipeout formula. You'll glide, bounce, drift and scrape around the tracks at insane speeds. Timing and muscle memory is everything. Mistakes will not be forgiven. Pick the ship that's right for you and become the best pilot the AGL has ever seen.

Bloodbeard's Revenge

bloodbeard3by Hellfire Studios

A pirate themed retro RPG. Rum, pillaging and plundering, ahoy! You play as Bloodbeard, the deranged quartermaster of a rag-tag ship of pirates, overloaded with gold and on the final leg of your voyage home.

With a combo based 3rd person battle system using state of the art (circa 1990) digitised graphics, and a top down perspective view for exploration, you'll tackle fiendish puzzles, bloodthirsty enemies and the most formidable opponent of all... Yourself!

Climb aboard and sail as the trusted head of Captain Hellfire's fleet, the legendary Bloodbeard! Truly this is a voyage not to be missed! Yarrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

Breaking Bricks

breakingbricks2by Red Wolf Games

Breaking Bricks revitalises the classic ball and paddle game by offering 4 players, better physics and 8-bit graphics and sound.

Taking a few cues from pinball; balls in the game have gravity and 'fall' towards the player. The paddle has greater ball control, soft to hard hits and angling shots allow a skilful player to hit the ball almost anywhere on the screen. With 192 levels,13 boss battles, 30 power ups, high scores and extra game modes Breaking Bricks is the modern fix for all your Breakout needs.

Breaking Bricks is solely developed by Matthew Vecchio (Red Wolf Games).

Brief Battles

BriefBattles3by Juicy Cupcake

May your butt reign supreme in Brief Battles, use your underpants to fight your friends in this fast-paced couch gaming platform fighter!

Conquer your foes with flaming hot pants, buns of steel, toxic tighty whities and more. Brief Battles features over-the-top gameplay, colourful heroes, ridiculous game modes and hilarious combat powers.


canvas1by Zalshock

Canvas is a multiplayer competitive party rhythm game that involves territorial control and teamwork. The aim of Canvas is to paint as much of the board as possible to gain the most number of points, while following the rhythm of the background song.

Canvas supports three keyboard layouts and up to four controllers for game play with up to eight players and four teams; this provides easy ways for players to team up and work together to defeat their opponents. With multiple selectable “shot types,” and many different songs and maps to select, Canvas offers unique game play every time it’s played.

Captain's Way

captainsway 1by Pixel Wind

Captain's Way is a mix of hard hitting real time ship-to-ship combat and tactical crew management with an emphasis on player-driven, emergent situations and stories. The player takes control of a spaceship captain charged with smuggling a crew out of a war-torn star system filled with corrupt alien factions and other deadly lifeforms.

Captain’s Way features modular physics based ship combat, block by block ship building, crew management, randomly generated environments and permadeath.

Chest of Dark Wonder

chest of wonder1by Overgrowth Studios

A dark night and a brilliant flash leads a young boy into a strange and wondrous world! The concept for Dark chest of wonders is an inspiring look into a classic, retro, metrodvainia style game complete with brilliant pixel graphics. Promising tight platforming and the ability to explore a brilliantly iconic location from the world of Chest, complete with remarkable individuals & foes while following this slightly twisted overture.

Use your bat, and the souls of your fallen foes to manifest magic to unlock the marvels of the Chest Dark of Wonder!

City Of Brass

city brass1by Uppercut Games

Leaping from the pages of the Arabian Nights, City of Brass takes the adrenaline-laced thrills of rogue-likes into the realm of First Person, leveraging this potent mixture to explore new ground: introducing new interactions with the versatile Whip, improvisation strategies using the world against your enemies, and the magic ability to manipulate the game through Genies and Divine Burdens.

City of Brass is an unforgiving first-person dungeon crawler with visually stunning, ever-changing levels, unique gameplay, and a “just one more go” hook that will drag players back time and time again.

Collateral Damage

collateral1by Artisans Games

Collateral Damage is the first major game produced by Artisans Games. Collateral Damage is an other-worldly hover-bot arena brawler, where robots fight over the last remaining resources of their collapsing planet.

Each robot has their own personality and combat style as they fight for a personal and a factional gain. Each robot is equipped with at least one melee and one ranged weapon and use their own skills, be them tactical or suicidal, in order to assert dominance over their opponents.

Cuttle Scuttle

cuttle1by Danimations

Lola, Lulu and Mimi are three female cuttlefish on a mission. Together they must evade predators, fishermen and pollution, find mates and lay enough eggs to ensure the survival of their species. Inspired by vintage arcade classics like Bubble Bobble and Ms. Pac-Man and rocking an original chip-tune soundtrack by Cuttlefish, escaping extinction has never been this much fun!


delve1by HammerOne

Delve is a first person puzzle platformer created by the team HammerOne from TAFE SA. The game is set in a mysterious forgotten jungle, and you as the player must journey through the jungle in order to discover a hidden temple. In order to do this, you as the player must make your way along a winding path, navigating and avoiding various obstacles and traps, and solving various puzzles in order to unlock the secrets within the temple and claim your reward.


derailed2by Troutmonkey

DeRailed! is an in development arcade game where your aim is to quickly place tracks ahead of a speeding train. Assemble your perfect train from a collection of unique engines and carriages, each with their own special abilities. Use your abilities to destroy obstacles, cross rivers, collect coins and more!

But you'd better be quick! The train steadily gets faster and faster, until it catches up and you find yourself DeRailed! in an epic train crash. The game features a procedurally generated environment and trains, so it's different each time you play!

Dimension Jump

dimension jump2by Redpoint Games

Dimension Jump is a precision puzzle platformer, where you don’t just jump between platforms, you jump between dimensions!

Once you’ve picked up the basics you’ll have to master the art of dimension jumping, gravity switching and teleporting to get through some of the most challenging levels on offer.

With over 90 levels to complete, each with challenge times and bonus stars, there will be plenty to challenge all skill levels. As you progress through level sets the difficulty increases, adding in new mechanics and putting all the skills you’ve learned to the test.

Exo One

exo1by Exbleative

EXO ONE is a surreal, exoplanetary exploration game. Drift and flow across enigmatic alien landscapes using a gravity based movement system. Atmospheric, diffused visuals are merged with otherworldly sound effects and a hypnotic electric guitar soundtrack.

See amazing, high-sci-fi planets, float through boiling cloud formations, slide and roll down hill and mountain faces, and drift toward alien horizons.

Enter the surreal and alien worlds of EXO ONE and be part of the mysterious narrative that unfolds around you.


experience1by Revolition Games

Experience is an interactive visual novel where you take control and explore the world of Mountain Entrance Monument Elementary School. In Experience, you can be the one to choose how your story goes! Make sure to pull up your socks and be careful how you act, because what you choose to say and do might just have an impact! Featuring 3 exciting chapters and a 3D world with lots of areas to explore, there are plenty of quests to complete as well as a cool original soundtrack, you are sure to meet lots of new friends while playing Experience.

Fling the Hero

flinghero1by Shark Jump

Fling the Hero is a tactile, hands-on, action-packed adventure! Flick the screen to toss your champion recklessly into battle.

Explore the bright and interactive environments. Each time you play a new level is created, making each run a new experience.

Collect and upgrade cool heroes with unique abilities! Your heroes and tactics will change dramatically as you equip them with new tools and magic spells.

Get your hands on Fling the Hero!


forts1by EarthWork Games

Build an armored fort while collecting resources. Arm it to the teeth. Develop your technology to unlock advanced weapons, then target weak points in your opponent’s fort. Shoot down incoming missiles and patch up damage before your fort comes crashing down. Defend your reactor at all costs!


fyre1by TechNeko

Fyre is a four player party platformer, each player using a single button to guide their Fyre to the end of the map. Maps vary between cooperation and competition, and each has its own unique theme. The exciting fast paced button mashing of a group of friends trying to cross a gap is rivaled only by the fun of victory, and making sure Dave falls off the map.


GoatPunks2by Studio Canvas

GoatPunks is a rip-roaring multiplayer game of goats, mountains, good ole head-butting action with lightning and fire to rain down on your friends below. Fight through an onslaught of bombs, obstacles and each other to climb to the top of 9 uniquely themed mountains each offering distinct challenges. Once up there, stay on top of the competition for 30 hectic seconds to claim victory. Shields, weapons, and power-ups are scattered about the mountain, and if you manage to get your goat to make it up the top, all the other goats will have a common enemy: you!

Hollow Knight

hollow knight1by Team Cherry

Beneath the fading town of Dirtmouth sleeps an ancient, ruined kingdom. Many are drawn below the surface, searching for riches, or glory, or answers to old secrets.

Hollow Knight is a classically styled 2D action adventure across a vast interconnected world. Explore twisting caverns, ancient cities and deadly wastes; battle tainted creatures and befriend bizarre bugs; and solve ancient mysteries at the kingdom's heart.

ICEBOX: Speedgunner

icebox2by Games Of Edan

ICEBOX: Speedgunner is a Run-and-Gun 3D Platformer... THE CLOCK IS TICKING... Carve an ice-cool path through it's labyrinth, cutting corners, dodging obstacles and eliminating guards, as you race your way to become the Ultimate Speedgunner.

Can you "Escape the Icebox" before time runs out?

Intergalactic Space Princess

space princessby Geeiz

Intergalactic Space Princess is a hyperactive adventure game about mistaken identity and roaming around the galaxy. You play as Meline, who, on the way to buy milk accidentally gets eaten by a giant space worm, and wakes up in an alternate dimension. There she’s confused for the REAL space princess (and being the sassy 14 year old that she is) decides to role with it, and that’s how her adventure begins!


kairos1by Adrastus games

Kairos is a 3D time-travel based puzzle game set on a space station where your goal is to stop your station from having a major malfunction with its prototype time travel machine through the salvaging of your ship that has crash landed on earth 8 million years in the future. Whilst going through an endless time loop you will be trying to restore basic systems to your station such as life support, heating and electronics with the hopes of stabilising your station so you can restore the time machine to proper functionality and escape the time loop.

Kana Quest

kana1by Not Dead Design

Kana Quest is a puzzle game that teaches the player how to read Hiragana without any "Pop Quiz" game play that plagues many educational games. Each level involves using each Hiragana's sound to complete brain bending puzzles.  It is perfect for complete beginners to Japanese and for veterans alike.

Knighty Night

knightly night1by Arkansang

Knighty Night is a strategy game about defending your kindom from monsters and thieves, gathering resources and rallying troops. Play as a king protecting your kingdom in single player or co-op mode and unlock new towers, expand and survive hordes of otherwordly enemies.


manatech1by Blue Crystal Games

ManaTech is a two player twin stick shooter, in the fantasy genre. Fight against another player in a battle of magic versus technology.

Control a character that represents the collective of Mages Guilds or a hero of the Common Populace, each character commanding their own unique abilities.

Aim your attacks, dodge your opponent’s shots and utilize your character’s abilities to their fullest to defeat your opponent in the arena in this twin stick shooter game with fighting game and RPG elements.

Will you fight for Magic or Technology?

Molemen Must Die!

molemen1by Mokomoto

Your president has been insulted by the Mole King and it’s up to you to defend his honor and claim revenge! Escort an unfeasibly huge bomb to the center of the earth in endless falling platform action. Brace yourself for ridiculous deaths at high speed as you equip a bounty of spectacularly overpowered weapons and bizarre power-ups that constantly shake up your tactics. Take on the Molemen and their allies, evading and attacking as they try to destroy you, your bomb and your one objective - REVENGE!


monadock1by MachineSpirit

Monadnock is a game of landscape and how we relate to it. The puzzle lies in understanding your earth spirit partner, earning their trust, and together navigating your way to a safe place where you can rest and sing together. If you like herding giant serpentine cats through a hexagonal painterly world then Monadnock is your perfect date. Take your time, turn by turn and meet Pan and the Creature in MachineSpirit’s latest atmospheric ponderer.

Murder At The Dinner Table

murder1by LuxStorm

Murder at the dinner table is an investigation game that takes inspiration from noir cinema and murder mystery novels. Set during the American great depression, the player embodies a private investigator. At a dinner party, a guest is murdered and left with a note stating that, guests will continue to die at time intervals. The player must race the clock to keep the crowd calm, investigate clues given by guests and catch the killer before the time runs out. When a killer is caught, the player must interrogate them to untangle the mystery that shrouds the American upper class and is not restricted to just one lone killer.

Needy Nebula

needy nebula2by invalidsalad

NEEDY NEBULA is an arcade planet building sim with space shooter bits and lots of alien collecting and resource management. Collect aliens and build a homeworld for them. Shoot hearts at enemies to calm them! Side missions and secret things. A variety of playable characters!


perso2by Crepe Studios

Perso is an atmospheric puzzle game. Collecting relics within each level will slowly reveal what and where you are. You will be in control of at least five cubes, each with different abilities.

You will need to approach each level in different ways to solve the puzzle. Changing your direction will change the layout of the world, opening up pathways or letting you fall. Take control and use all of your abilities to find new ways of staying alive. Collecting the relics in each level is your goal. These relics will ultimately lead you to a decision.

Plant Pit

plant pit1by Rosden Shadow

Plant Pit is a game that involves the player being trapped in a pit with only a plant seed. The only way for the player to escape the pit is to use the seed to grow plants and in turn grow fruit that gives the player special abilities. Plant Pit is all about experimentation with the player experimenting to find new kinds of seeds and find out what different fruits abilities are. The endgame involves the player figuring out how to combine different fruits abilities to escape to freedom.

Primordials: Fireborn

primordial1by Toybox Games Studios

Primordial’s Fireborn is a 3rd person action adventure game with a heavy emphasis on combat and platforming mechanics, set in a vast and beautiful world.

It focuses on captivating story telling as players begin to uncover a greater mystery about the main character Ash and the world he inhabits.

Along their journey the player will encounter unforgettable characters that are just as interesting as the world those characters live in, all while traversing incredible landscapes like lush forests, soaring mountains, murky swamplands and baron canyons.

FireBorn brings epic storytelling and fun gameplay into a single unforgettable experience.

Project Permanence

permenance1by tijital-games

A soul who recently found themself in the afterlife must help prevent the spread of chaos to avoid oblivion.

Project Permanence is an action platformer inspired by Wonder Boy III and La-Mulana. Explore a vast labyrinth, defeat your enemies, and solve puzzles.


psychotron1by Futureshock

Psychotron is an intense high speed flight through a strange world with a unique visual style.

Rising Dusk

rising dusk1by Studio Stobie

When dusk comes a young girl finds herself lost in the realm of yokai. A puzzle-platformer based on old Japanese folktales and pixel art inspired by classic games of the 16-bit era.


runecaster1by Blurift

The ancient plane of Hayashi is in peril, being invaded by an unknown force that has turned the plane against itself. You are in control of an ancient druid sect, protectors of the plane. Using your grimoire of spells, you must find the root of this invasion and force them out of your lands.


Scaleseeker1by Krion Games

The ancient Cult of Anu has resurfaced under mysterious new leadership to resurrect the Dark Dragon. Meanwhile, you – an ordinary scout – become the first human in decades to be blessed with magic by the Light Dragon’s spirit. In this mobile ARPG, you will journey across the realm of Starsia to secure the magic of the scattered dragon scales. Only with their power can you hope to defeat the Cult before the Dark Dragon resumes his reign of terror.


spaaace1by King Swigg Studios

Spaaace is set in an alternate futuristic timeline, you play as the naïve robot X-80 Proto who struggles with moral uncertainty as he fights his way to freedom from the Ascendance who rules over most Quadrants the Galaxy. Yyena The Rebellion leader sets out to liberate Proto and unite the rest of the Galaxy to fight back and reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

The art style and gameplay is based on games such as the Mass Effect and Gears Of War, merging both the gameplay elements to make the player’s experience feel unique.

Subtractive Synthesis

subtractive2by C Sound Investigations

Mrs Whistler is missing and the only clue to her disappearance are tape recordings she made on her beloved synthesizer.

A criminal has corrupted her tapes by recording over them.

Be the crime scene investigator who creates sound waves to cancel out the corrupting sound waves, so the original recordings can be heard.

Starting off simple, the puzzles get fiendishly difficult as you alter the amplitude, frequency and phase of sound waves to recover the original sounds.

Enjoy James “Art for Art’s Sake” Whistler’s artworks in the background.

Tech Hunter

techhunter1by Split Symmetry

Tech Hunter is a game of exploration and light puzzle solving in a science fiction setting. Players take the role of a treasure hunter on a newly colonized planet where relics of an alien civilisation have been discovered. Using their Hovership to explore the planetary surface and a set of drones to delve into underground ruins, players search for artifacts which they use to upgrade their ship, drones and tools to progress through the game.

The Adventure Pals

adventure pals1by Massive Monster

The Adventure Pals is an epic adventure platformer powered by imagination. Take on the role of a young adventurer as you travel the land and battle monsters aplenty in a ginormous quest to stop the evil Mr. B. He's kidnapped your Papa and is hell-bent on turning him into a delicious hot dog. But fear not, for you are not alone; you have the help of your best friends, Sparkles the giraffe and your pet rock.

The Poisoned Pawn: A Tex Murphy Adventure

poisioned pawn1by Chaotic Fusion

In this cyberpunk, dystopian sci-fi adventure, you play as Tex Murphy in a post-apocalyptic New San Francisco that’s risen from the ashes of World War III. It's a city of glitz and glamour hiding a sinister undertone: a population segregated between those immune to the nuclear fallout (Norms) and those less fortunate (Mutants) who reside in the remnants of Old San Francisco. In this latest adventure, the year is 2051. Taking place shortly after the events of Tesla Effect, you must revisit some of Tex’s most gripping cases to decipher his true past, and prepare him for an uncertain future.

Think of the Children

think children1by Jammed Up Studios

Little Bobby’s dead, the BBQ’s on fire, Jen’s eating poisonous berries and the birthday cake still needs icing. It’s just another wonderful day out with the most incident-prone kids on the planet in Think of the Children, a riotous co-op game of task management for 1-4 players.


underground1by Endoplasm Gaming

A thousand years from now, you wake up in a hole. All life has taken refuge underground, the surface is patrolled by ancient machines, you have a pickaxe and a piece of chalk. Mine, fight and farm for what you need to survive.

Virtual Kamay

by Bilbie Pty Ltd

Virtual Kamay is a serious game based simulation of the traditional and ecological knowledge values of Botany Bay as it was in 1770.

Wacky Climber

wacky1by Wacky Physics Labs

Tubeman has been blown away from his used car yard home and is now left hanging off the edge of a cliff. He must wave his flailing arms to escape the rising tide below while trying to avoid the crashing waves.

Within the Green

within green2by Solo Tent

Within the green is a 2D platformer with a pixel aesthetic and the first game from Team Solo Tent. In the game you take the role of a witch who is tasked investigate a mysterious forest. Explore the forest and its nearby village and fight the corrupt beasts of the within the green.