2015 Games

For 2015 the Indie Games Room will once again be inside the Video Game Hall and has grown in size once again. This year we have recieved support from UniSA and Double Happy vs. the Infinite Sadness.

Adversarial Manifesto

Adversarial Manifestoby Hexagod

Words are your weapons. It's the premise of our 2 player game, Adversarial Manifesto, currently in Beta on Greenlight. Inspired by Cards Against Humanity and bullet hell games, AM was conceived at the 2014 GGJ.

The aim is to build a winning manifesto from your quotes. To create each sentence, you hit your opponent with words selected from a randomised list while using skill to dodge your adversaries hail of text. Your completed quote is judged by your adversary or 3rd party. The higher the score, the more health your opponent loses - your critics may be harsh!

Agent Blockhead

Agent Blockheadby Shark Jump

Your mission is clear, save the universe. Uncover the dastardly plot of Dr. Doomsday to rid the universe of organic life and stop him and his robotic crew before it's too late! Visit new worlds, discover unique creatures, and then blow it all up with a huge range of wacky weapons. Weapon and armour upgrades mean you will always be ready for a fight, with fast paced gameplay and out of this world opponents to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Animal Dash

Animal Dashby Shark Jump

Run away! That dastardly chef has caught all your prairie friends! Play as Monkey, Lion, Bear, Rabbit, and others, as you dash heroically to your freedom. Leap over great gaps, duck and weave, and bust down anything in your path! Smash open cages and free your imprisoned animal friends while you try to escape the mean chef's hunting net. Don't slow down, or fall into the water! Lazy animals get caught in booby-traps... or worse!


Amygdala2by MachineSpirit

When a man has his body stolen he typically has one of two reactions; he either dies, or he sets out on an adventure as a disembodied head, hell-bent on revenge.

Amygdala is an action/adventure platformer where every living world you explore is a freshly generated permadeath challenge. There's no hands and no handholding as you face off against swordheads, voidpigs, giant swarms of beez and the wizard that stole your body (hint: it's NEVER his final form). Learn and survive. Avoid traps. Watch wildlife get in fights. SHOOT MINDBULLETS. POOP BRICKS. IT NEVER ENDS, IT JUST GETS HARDER.

Arbalest 3035

Arbalest 3035by Bear-Tooth Studios

With a fast paced movement and abstract art style this game is a visually stimulating chaotic experience for you and your friends. Being built in developed in a party setting this game works best when played locally at parties with friends.

The player fly's around using a game-pad and collects colored orbs, for every combination of colors collected a different power up will be awarded to the player to swing the game in their favor.


Bountyby Fluffy Squid

Bounty is a Rogue-like dungeon crawler with a diverse range of levels and horrific monsters. Play with friends or try and best the dungeon by yourself!


Caffeineby Incandescent Imaging

Caffeine is a quirky first person psychological horror adventure game with environmental puzzles.

Set in the near future, the entire population of Earth is vigorously addicted to coffee. Massive space stations built by the biggest corporations roam the stars mining minerals to create a synthetic caffeine to quench the never ending thirst of the human race.

You awaken aboard one of these caffeine mining stations, alone. Before long you realize that you are a young boy with no memory of what has transpired on this seemingly empty space station.


Cargo Botby Two Lives Left

Presenting Cargo-Bot. The first game programmed entirely on iPad using Codea™. Cargo-Bot is a puzzle game where you teach a robot how to move crates. Sounds simple, right?

It features 36 fiendishly clever puzzles, haunting music and stunning retina graphics. You can even record your solutions and share them on YouTube to show your friends.


Catnipsby SK Games

Catnips is a two-or-more player competitive cat milking game. Each team gathers around a plush cat controller and uses the nipples to milk the on-screen cat. Through careful aim and a steady nip-hand, the cats must feed the kittens of their own color to score points and win the game.


CosmoKnightsby Squire

Suit up, recruit! CosmoKnights is a fast action side-scrolling arena shooter with two teams battling for control of strategic locations throughout the galaxy. War has broken out.The Blue and Orange armies need fresh meat to take to the front lines, and bring them glorious victory.

Players take on the role of an elite CosmoKnight; a highly trained soldier of the future equipped with a powerful jet pack system. Choose from four different Knight classes, each with their own abilities and properties, as well as a wide variety of dangerous weaponry, and then take to the galactic battlefield!


Codeaby Two Lives Left

Codea for iPad lets you create games and simulations — or just about any visual idea you have. Turn your thoughts into interactive creations that make use of iPad features like Multi-Touch and the accelerometer.

Codea is designed to let you touch your code. Want to change a color? Just tap and drag it. How about an image or a sound? Tapping will bring up visual editors that let you choose exactly what you want.

Codea is built on the Lua programming language. A simple, elegant language that doesn't rely too much on symbols — a perfect match for iPad.


Crabitronby Two Lives Left

Crabitron is an adorably mutated giant space crab, battling the universe with your body as the controller!

As Crabitron, use your hands claws to smash, grab and tear the universe a new blackhole. Gorge on entire planets, solve insidious puzzles, and exchange blows with hordes of adversaries.

Devil's Doom

Devils Doomby Rungo Games

Defeat the armies of darkness, with a single finger!

Featuring retro pixel art and chip tune inspired soundtrack, DEVIL’S DOOM is a super casual platform game that echoes the glory of the golden arcade age when all that mattered was getting the highest score!

Catch feathers, collect power ups and dodge fireballs in this devilishly addictive action adventure you won't wanna put down!

Coming soon to iOS

Double Happy Vs. the Infinite Sadness

Double Happy Vs. The Infinite Sadnessby Monkeystack

Double Happy vs. The Infinite Sadness is a single player co-op adventure game. Control 2 non-rabbits at the same time through the once majestic isle of Pharos; one of many exotic worlds that have succumbed to the overwhelming power of the Infinite Sadness. Inhabitants great and small have fallen to the darkness. In their time of need, the cosmos grants Pharos a pair of cosmic non-rabbits to return the status quo. Is it too late? Or is Double Happy’s inane good cheer just the antidote Pharos needs?

Do You Even Drift

Do You Even Driftby Shark Jump

Looks like the next moonshine delivery is on it's way, time to get into the nearest rust-bucket and pick up the "fuel" that falls out the back of the truck.

No grip on the tires? No worries.

Collect fuel, unlock vehicles and drive cars sideways! Before you go to bed tonight, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself one question; do you even drift?

Dungeon League

Dungeon Leagueby Surprise Attack

Dungeon League pits you and your friends against each other in a series of ridiculously quick competitive events with the goal of crowning a champion in less than 10 minutes.

Taking inspiration from classics such as Gauntlet and Zelda as well as modern day MOBAs and couch competitive games, Dungeon League is an intense experience that includes procedurally generated arenas, 20 crazy quest modes and allows players to crush their opponents’ faces into pink unicorn poop.


Evergreenby Siege Sloth

Evergreen is a zen, creative game where you play as the seed of a mythological world tree dropped onto a primordial Earth with the purpose of nurturing life on the planet. You will discover secrets and unlock customisation options to personalize your tree as you grow and explore the world, subtly shaping the environment during pivotal moments throughout history in order to help life prosper.

Fort Meow

Fort Meowby Upper Class Walrus

Fort Meow is a pillow fort physics-based puzzle adventure involving cats, destruction and a dusty old manor.

Upon finding her grandfather’s journal in the attic, Nia is attacked by a barrage of feline assailants. It seems that her grandmother has become a crazy cat lady since last time she visited, so you will need to defend Nia by building a protective fort out of furniture to keep the cats at bay, while deciphering the mysterious tales hidden within the journal.


Hacknet2 by Surprise Attack

Hacknet is a modern, super immersive, terminal-driven hacking game, following the story of a recently deceased hacker Bit, whose death may not have been the accident the media reports. It challenges the traditional idea of the protagonist, giving the player no avatar that stands in for them. It's just the player and a computer program, letting them interact with the world directly, prizing immersion and simulation above all else.

Play as yourself, make your own decisions, and see the world react to you. Don't be reckless though - it's more real than you think.

Hands Off!

Hands Offby i2ngames

Pit your ambidexterity and reflexes against a friend (enemy) in a 1v1 competition to get pegs in their respective holes before your opponent does. There's only three pegs, so you'll be fighting to get your hands on them while keeping your opponent's hands off them.

It sounds simple, but each player controls two hands at once - your multitasking ability will be thoroughly tested. Can you avoid losing to tunnel vision?

Different arenas introduce ways to mess with your opponent (and your brains) like moving the holes, turning out the lights or swapping your left and right hands!

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knightby Team Cherry

Hollow Knight is a challenging, beautiful action-adventure game set in the vast, inter-connected underground kingdom of Hallownest. A 2D action game with an emphasis on skill and exploration, Hollow Knight has you fighting a fearsome host of deadly insects, avoiding intricate traps and solving ancient mysteries as you make your own way through fungal wastes, forests of bone, and ruined underground cities.

Hollow Knight has beautiful traditional art, fluid and responsive action, challenging but fair gameplay, and an incredible, bizarre insect world begging to be explored and conquered. Step into the depths of Hallownest and experience Hollow Knight for yourself!

House of Wolves 2

House of Wolves 2by Team House of Wolves 2

The Age of Dawn has begun... House of wolves II is a Real Time Strategy game similar to Age of Empires and Starcraft. Bigger and better than the popular original installment, House of Wolves 2 features larger scale battles, tactics and environments, a full fledged story-oriented campaign and a custom level editor.


Infiniby Binary Sprite

Infini* is a collection of games built around a common mechanic. Tap the ball - don’t let it drop! InfiniBounce, InfiniBrick and InfiniBlitz each provide their own variation of this mechanic: juggle, aim or destroy.

InfiniBounce - Juggle balls for a high score. Multiple balls add to the chaos.

InfiniBlitz - Aim at targets and clear them before they expire. Steering the ball will prove to be challenging.

InfiniBrick - Destroy waves of descending bricks. Be careful not to be boxed in.

Games are quick and unforgiving, perfect for when you have a few moments to spare

Jam It

Jam Itby Throwback Games

'Jam It' is an arcade style 2-on-2 basketball game for the Commodore 64 and C64 emulators.

Do you get annoyed by complex controls in modern basketball video games?

In 'Jam It', one button is enough to make extreme dunks, jumpshots, shot blocks, passes, post up plays and steals!

Featuring the most intense plays and entertainment ever crammed into 64K!
* 1-4 simultaneous players
* Realistic and challenging AI
* 3 difficulty levels
* 3 unlockable bonuses
* In-game commentary
* Halftime show mini-game
* Comprehensive statistics


Jamalaide is a club for people that make games. We run events called game jams every couple of months. A game jam is a time-limited gathering of developers, artists, and other creatives with the goal of creating one or more games from scratch. Game jams typically have a theme to inspire the participants and they often run over a weekend. We host events for international game jams such as Global Game Jam and Ludum Dare, and for our own local jams such as Adelaide Game Jam. We have a variety of members: university students, hobbyists, indies, and professional game developers.

Boxed In

Boxed InBoxed In is an unforgiving basic platformer, where you play as the only cardboard box left alive in a cardboard-less future!

This game was created for Adelaide Game Jam 3 by Dylan Browne using Unreal Engine 4. Adelaide Game Jam 3 was a 32 hour jam held in August 2014 with a theme of "Reaction".

The current build is a short hectic level, where you try to escape a facility while an energy field is chasing you.

This is a great example of high-quality graphics created during a jam.

Cosplay Chase

Cosplay ChaseYou are excited to wield your new cosplay weapon for the first time at ConventionCon. However, things don't turn out as you might have hoped, and it is deemed "un-conventional". Keep it out of the hands of the overzealous convention staff!

This game was created for Ludum Dare 32 by Finn Stokes using PyGame. The Ludum Dare 32 jam was a 72 hour international jam held in April 2015 with a theme of "An Unconventional Weapon".

This is a great example of the sort of game that can be created during a jam with little to no graphic design skills.

Freeze Ray

Freeze RayFreeze ray is a 2D platformer starring a mad scientist whose lab has been overrun by mutants. You must traverse this dangerous facility armed only with a freeze ray that can incapacitate but not kill.

This game was created for Ludum Dare 32 by Robert Reed and Colin Capurso using GameMaker Studio. The Ludum Dare 32 jam was a 72 hour international jam held in April 2015 with a theme of "An Unconventional Weapon".

This is a great example of a game created using a software package suitable for everyone, even programming beginners.

Rocket Reaction

Rocket ReactionKnock people into death traps with rockets, without falling victim to your own recoil! Rocket Reaction is a 4-player local deathmatch game all about action and reaction; knock your friends into spikes and other hazards, without knocking yourself in in the process.

This game was created for Adelaide Game Jam 3 by Damon Pearce and Dan Beaumont using Game Maker. Adelaide Game Jam 3 was a 32 hour jam held in August 2014 with a theme of "Reaction".

This is an example of some of the great local multiplayer gameplay that comes out of some jams.


updownleftrightFly up, down, left or right through each screen to save stranded astronauts. Avoid debris - hit an object and you lose your combo. Rescue as many astronauts as you can without crashing to get a high combo score!

This game was created for Global Game Jam 2015 by Andrew Dunn using libGDX. Global Game Jam 2015 was a 48 hour international jam held in January 2015 with a theme of "What do we do now?"

While creating updownleftright, Andrew had injured his dominant hand, so he coded the entire game not only one handed, but with his off hand!


Lucidityby Barking Owl

A young girl must enter the dreams of her family to save them from the clutches of the night Mara - an ancient spirit who imprisons sleeping people in their nightmares. To rescue her family members the young hero must explore and solve problems in each dream, encountering spirits who either hinder or help her. She must also battle the malevolent 'Shadow Leeches' who do the night Mara's bidding. Ultimately, the dream eating spirits must be tamed to vanquish the night Mara and free her family. (2D side-scroller, puzzle platformer.)

Mallow Drops

Mallow Dropsby Gritfish

Change your world by changing your perspective. When you turn your device, things shift in unexpected ways and new paths are revealed. Somewhere between a platformer and a sliding block puzzle, a mind-bending world awaits. All you have to do is get to the exit!


Match3dby Universal Chicken

A unique twist on the popular match-3, in Match3d you control not only what gems to swap, but also the direction in which they fall.

With turn-based, time-based and chillout mode, a huge range of achievements, and both local and online high scores Match3d has something for everyone.

Melon Quest

Melon Questby Juicy Cupcake

Melon Quest is an action-packed platformer set in a vast seamless world filled with challenging, fast-paced gameplay for fans of hardcore platformers.

Embark upon your quest to retrieve the annual melon harvest, stolen from Nelom, the Melon King. Encounter cute but disturbing creatures, solve puzzles and slay terrifying bosses. As your journey unfolds, find hidden dimensional secrets and use dimensions to your advantage, with guidance from your humorous narrator.

Complete achievements and unlock a large variety of underpants and accessories to ensure that you are always adventuring in style.


Monochromiaby Team RGB

Monochromia is a 2D, action platformer that pits Sir Reginald G Barriston IV against the colourful horrors of Gainsboro Castle. Omni Laetus was once a colourful land that fell victim to the "Great Desaturation" at the hands of “The Wizard”, Gainsboro’s ruler. Sir Reginald gallantly elects to head into the vibrant castle, fight the radiant minions therein and end the desaturation once and for all. Will you be able to cure the land that you love or will the multichromatic danger overwhelm you and drag you into the ever increasing ranks of that which guards Gainsboro.

Objects in Space

Objects in Spaceby Flat Earth Games

The Cassandra Mission saw some 700'000 humans travel, using a series of faster-than-light jumps, to a new world in a cluster called Apollo. There, they were to build a jumpgate to allow rapid transit between Apollo and Earth. The jumpgate was never built. Communication with Earth is lost.

The player enters Apollo as a space trader who has to navigate the dense politics of a new kind of humanity while earning enough to survive. Using the game's submarine-style stealth mechanics, players will play deadly games of cat-and-mouse against pirates, smugglers, paramilitary groups and more.

One Heart

One Heartby 2 Hit Studio

One Heart is a simple-yet-intense local multiplayer slash-fest. Up to four players compete in a variety of game modes to out-samurai each other in a neon nightmare. It's great for party-play as it's super easy to learn and winners are impossible to pick.

Rambunctious Rocket

Rambunctious Rocketby Bleeding Brain

Foiled again, but this time you'll make them pay! Charge up the fluxx capacitor, power up the plasma engine, and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime. Race through huge landscapes and expansive canyons as you prepare for your final destination; the ultimate destruction of all man-kind. But be careful, colliding with the rocky outcrops could result in premature detonation and see you once again retired to the drawing board.


Screencheatby Samurai Punk

Screencheat is the Split-Screen shooter where everyone is invisible and you have to Screencheat.  It features tons of wild maps, weapons and modes to spice up your play as well as 2-8 player local and online play. 


ShapeWayby paperbox studios

ShapeWay is focused on two components, building a solution and then playing it. You get to build your own solution with an array of different blocks, creating your own path to avoid nasty death traps.

With a mixture of levels which centre more on platforming to some which are more about the puzzle solving, ShapeWay constantly offers new challenges. Not only are there cool gameplay elements but ShapeWay has a simplistic art style with vibrant eye popping colours and fun character animations.

ShapeWay will be coming soon featuring over 50 levels filled with hours of puzzle platforming goodness!

Shotgun Viking

Shotgun Vikingby Shark Jump

BLAM! Shotgun Viking.

Take control of Sledge Hamfist, Viking raider and master marksman, as you slash, hack, and blast your way through hordes of mooks, and vicious bosses.

Harsh environments and cunning machinations will push your skills to the limit, and only the perfect union of technique and weapon will yield victory.

It's all up to you, and your trusty Double-Barreled Axe Gun.



Solotra.Bby Ricky Bartolo

The concept/story behind my game is that you, the player, have been sent out into an unknown sector of the galaxy in order to scavenge, collect and mine resources needed to save your home world and/or help build an exodus fleet.

In the sector of the galaxy that you have been sent out to, there will be a number of star systems that you can visit, each with their own unique planetary systems and alien races that you will interact with.

You fly around each solar system and can collect resources from space - minerals/rock from asteroids and metal from scrap that is floating around, alien items from alien ships and trade goods from attacking merchants - which you can use to build & defend mining bases, upgrade your ship and develop weapons.

Soratobu Kaichuu

Soratobu Kaichuuby Games by Rex

Become the flying worm 'Kaichuu'. Venture out of the earth and acquaint yourself with a variety of weird creatures who inhabit a beautiful, but troubled hand-drawn valley. Use stealth, cunning, or force to forge your own path through the world.


Squaretrisby Boxhead Productions

Designed for a specialised limited input controller Squaretris brings all the arcade fun of Tetris to the screen with a twist! Originally designed as a tool to help with post-stroke rehabilitation Squaretris aims to bridge the gap between “normal” games and “serious” games to provide fun engaging experiences to all users.

With 3 unique level modifiers take on the next challenge as Squaretris makes you play in every direction, at twice the speed or even with all your bricks left over. No level is the same, each one harder than the last!


Submergedby Uppercut Games

Your brother is dying.

Trapped in an ancient, half-submerged city and searching for supplies, you must explore the flooded streets in your simple fishing boat, and scale the ruined buildings that hold the promise of salvation for your brother … and yourself. With gorgeous visuals powered by Unreal Engine 4 and music by BAFTA Award-Winner Jeff Van Dyck, Submerged will drag you under.

Super Death Fortress

Super Death Fortressby Flat Earth Games

Super Death Fortress sees you taking charge of a heavily-armed fortress to defend against wave after wave of incoming enemies. At your disposal are deadly weapons (inspired by games like Scorched Earth), heaps of forts and upgrades to unlock, and a desire to have it rain pixels of blood!

Super Mega Mega

Super Mega Megaby Blunt Instrument

Super Mega Mega is a 2D action platforming roguelike game re-imagined for Virtual Reality 3D. Malevolent nano bots have invaded the metaverse, remote pilot a VR-linked drone to defeat the nanite swarm.

The world is made from concentric cylinders wrapped around a view point. Allowing the freedom to look anywhere at anytime. The level goes up, down and around you.

Discover weapon upgrades and combine power-ups to defeat evolving enemies in a procedurally generated environment.

Super Mutant Alien Assault

Super Mutant Alien Assaultby Surprise Attack

An alien assault goes from bad to worst as your ships reactor mutates alien invaders into vicious monstrosities.

Super Mutant Alien Assault is a hectic 2D arcade game you are the last defense. Aliens, crazy weapons and quick action. The weapon vending machine will equip you with a random weapon from the ships vast armory. Its up to you to use its full potential and deal bone crunching damage to aliens of all shapes and sizes.


taijouby tijital-games

Taijou is a fast paced platformer / bullet hell inspired by a mashup of Touhou and Cave Story

Test Chamber

Test Chamberby Shark Jump

Wrap your head around this!

Test Chamber is a stylish, difficult, and not-quite-euclidean puzzle game.

The world-wrapping mechanics of the world of Test Chamber create unique and devious puzzles that will challenge even the most skilled players.

Guide our cube-headed hero through a mind-bending world, with levels designed to challenge your ideas of space. Discover a portal to the mysterious Warp Zone, and reveal the truth behind the Dark Stranger.

The Desperate Mile

The Desperate Mileby Nineslice

The Desperate Mile is a top down hybrid RPG mixing social narrative gameplay, methodical combat, and environmental puzzles.

Assume the role of a stranger in a new town. Rocked by a mysterious murder, the tight-knit community are quick to point fingers. If you want to avoid the blame you'll have to solve the crime yourself.

Featuring deliberate and visceral combat that encourages players to master a unique arsenal of weapons - with their own distinct purposes and strengths.

+ Befriend the people of Sojourn!
+ Delve into the town’s clandestine past!
+ Learn the secrets of the mysterious Blight Stone!

Vincent the Vampire

Vincent the Vampireby Intuit by Design

Vincent the Vampire is a Dark and Quirky Adventure Game that revives the humour of classic point and click adventures while also creating a more modern experience and enhancing re playability with multiple solutions to every puzzle and different endings based on player decisions.

The game follows the story of a photocopier technician named Vincent who is turned undead at the christmas office party and is there reluctantly dragged into the underworld of the vampires, werewolves and cyborgs.


Voxieboxby Voxon

The Voxiebox is a new type of 3D holographic gaming platform straight out of science fiction.   Players can gather around the Voxiebox and view 3D holographic content without the need to wear any special glasses.  It enables a new type of shared social experience by combining the face to face interaction of playing a board game with the creative and dynamic content of computer gaming.  The Voxiebox Graphics Engine includes a custom Application Programming Interface that allows game developers to create content and build games.

World's Fastest Super Pizza

Worlds Fastest Super Pizzaby Oscar Brittain

Worlds Fastest Super Pizza is a top-down roguelike following a pizza boy trying to get some cash together in an unforgiving country. With no means of defending themselves, the player must deliver the pizza whilst avoiding dogs, snakes, zombies, jetpack sharks, giant stone heads and racists.