2014 Games

For 2014 the Indie Games Room will be inside of the Video Game Hall with more games than ever before. This year we have received support from UniSA, Double Happy vs. The Infinite Sadness and Turner Software.

Animal Dash

animal dash smallby Shark Jump Studios

Run away! That dastardly chef has caught all your prairie friends! Play as Monkey, Lion, Bear, Rabbit, and others, as you dash heroically to your freedom. Leap over great gaps, duck and weave, and bust down anything in your path! Smash open cages and free your imprisoned animal friends while you try to escape the mean chef's hunting net. Don't slow down, or fall into the water! Lazy animals get caught in booby-traps... or worse!

Assault Android Cactus

aac smallby Witch Beam

Assault Android Cactus is a manic twin stick shooter for one to four players combining fast paced arcade style gameplay with masses of enemies transforming environments and a colourful cast of synthetic heroines. Junior Constable Cactus is outside her pay grade when she answers a distress call and instead finds herself stranded on a crippled space freighter under attack by it’s own robot workers. But Cactus doesn't know the meaning of impossible so with help from a few fellow androids she conscripts along the way, she will save the ship or run down her battery trying!

Big 22

big22 smallby Midnaut Games

Big 22 is a top down twin stick shooter space game with ARPG elements. The player finds themselves in a dystopian future, awakened inside a wrecked shipyard crawling with enemies. It aims to give the player a great storytelling experience mixed with abundant action and beautiful art. Humanity has paid the price for its hubris and over reliance on artificial intelligence. You find yourself awakened from stasis in a strange and bleak future where you must piece together the calamity and try to survive in this new world, piloting the forgotten secret weapon Big 22.


blackout smallby Zeta

Blackout is a Brand New Game produce by Zeta. Blackout includes features such as a frightening atmosphere, comprising an Art Tour finish. We produced our mod using Unreal Engine four, creating new props, inside an appealing level that has you waking up in a jail setting. The player then works their ways out, avoiding traps, decoys as well as the occasion red herrings. You then locate your way out for an end of game revolution. Blackout is defiantly recommended for all Gamers, especially though interested in exploration games, and Art Tours.


burden smallby PixelPickle GamesSurprise Attack

A game of tactical tower defense on multiple simultaneous battlefronts. Place shields and artillery towers on the exterior of a giant mechanical colossus whilst also juggling defenses on multiple nodes - critical locations on the beast, which enemies will attempt to destroy. The game is broken into chapters, each of which is an epic journey on a different colossus. Within each chapter the player will face major foes blocking their progress across the land and many waves of enemies boarding the beast. Success depends on smart strategy and quick management of the battle as it unfolds on multiple fronts.


caff smallby Incandescent Imaging

Caffeine is a quirky sci-fi psychological horror game with exploratory and puzzle game-play. You awaken as a young kid seemingly alone on a caffeine space station, the only clues to what has happened here are contained within the various notes and audio logs scattered around the environment. Built upon the power of Unreal Engine 4, Caffeine is visually stunning and eerily creepy. Caffeine is currently in development for PC, Mac and Linux with full Oculus Rift support.


collateral smallby Dancing Dinosaur Games

Step into the driving seat of a highly customisable and heavily armed flying taxi in the amoral cyberpunk future of 'Collateral'. You play as Zack Edgewater, an average hovercab driver caught between warring factions, bloodthirsty customers, and the corrupt corporations that control the city of New Bedlam. Explore visually loaded environments, undertake a variety of challenging missions, align with nefarious factions, and gain access to a multitude of weapons and upgrades. Every job brings you one step closer to escaping a depraved, maniacal metropolis in this fast paced and brutal ride you won't forget in a hurry.

Cuttle Scuttle

scuttle smallby Danimations

A lone female cuttlefish must ensure the survival of her species by mating and laying enough eggs to progress from one reef to the next. She must navigate mazes containing male cuttlefish, predators and prey species and must also escape human-induced threats. Each reef introduces new and increasingly difficult combinations of threats to evade and overcome. The player is rewarded with brief animated cut-scenes which introduce each new level and threat. The end-game sequence reveals an animated sequence showing the successful hatching of a new generation of cuttlefish.


derailed smallby MORAS

Will you be the one to triumph on the rails? A light-hearted, 2D multiplayer battle royale, DERAILED is a game about flinging yourself around rails and taking out your friends. Players move around the arena along conveyor belt-like rails, bombarding each other with different special weapons in the fight to be the Champion of the Arena! With the freedom to jump between the rails to avoid bullets or find a better position to snipe your friends, DERAILED is fast paced and challenges the player to think fast and act even faster.

Do You Even Drift

doyoueven smallby Shark Jump Studios

Looks like the next moonshine delivery is on it's way, time to get into the nearest rust-bucket and pick up the "fuel" that falls out the back of the truck. No grip on the tires? No worries. Collect fuel, unlock vehicles and drive cars sideways! Before you go to bed tonight, look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself one question; do you even drift?

Double Happy Vs. The Infinite Sadness : Pharos

doublehappy smallby 2xCubed

Use both your brain and your reflexes in this quirky narrative driven adventure game about the healing power of cosmic randomness. The once majestic Isle of Pharos is one of many exotic worlds that have succumbed to the overwhelming power of the Infinite Sadness, and inhabitants great and small have fallen to the darkness. In their time of need, the cosmos grants Pharos a pair of cosmic non-rabbits to return the status quo. Is it too late? Or is Double Happy’s inane good cheer just the antidote Pharos needs?

Exodus of Olympus

exodusby Rendered Sandwich

Exodus of Olympus is a first person puzzle game and art tour based around the mythos of Ancient Greece and the player’s exploration of the remnants of the abandoned city of Mount Olympus. As the they move through the Classical Greek temples of Artemis, Hephaestus and Zeus and traverses winding mountain paths, solving puzzles and taking in the expansive views of the rooftops below, the player will find clues left behind by Clio, the Muse of history, chronicling the events surrounding the exodus of the gods from the safe-haven they once called home.


expand smallby Chris Johnson and Chris Larkin

Expand is an entrancing, single player video game in which players explore a circular labyrinth constructed like an abstract, geometric painting. Players must avoid getting squashed as the labyrinth twists, stretches and reveals itself, always responding to the players actions and movements. The world creates interesting visual aesthetics through its distinct black and white look and engrosses the player as it dynamically responds to the music. As you explore the world you learn why you are trapped there and how you can break free.

Flap The Fish

flappy smallby Shark Jump Studios

They say you can't polish a bird but we've tried anyway! Get this ambitious fish past the logs and collect that fruity booty on your way to glory. Tap to flap, keep to the rhythm, and guide your furless companion to safety. Stay afloat or you'll join your fallen friends. Unlock achievements as you go and compete for the highest score.

Gargula: Bloodrush

by Paranormal Gamesgargula small

Become GARGULA the most feared warrior of the Gargoyle race. As the curse of the blue moon is lifted and the Bloodrush begins freeing Gargula from his stone tomb. Fight and hunt your way across the gothic rooftops leaving a trail of blood and mangled flesh behind you. Begin to uncover the new threat that walks the Earth....for the answer is in the blood.
-INFINITE RUNNER- A side scrolling arcade action beat 'em up.
-RETRO STYLE- A nightmarish pixel art style set in a renaissance world of horror and gore. Influenced by comics horror, and 16 bit games of the 80's/90's.
-FAST ACTION GAMEPLAY- Upgradable character unleash your own fighting style with use of special moves.
-HARD HITTING SOUND TRACK- To top it off the soundtrack by one the most influential death metal bands ever not to mention genre definers, DEATH(Official).

Globs and Gloops Adventures

globs smallby Intuit by Design

Globs and Gloops is a constantly changing physics puzzle game for all ages in which you must use logic reflex and skill to defeat the evil Gloop invaders on the planet Glob. Travel across unique locations from the perilous pirate infested seas to the depths of the planet's crust and even all the way into space! Constantly grow your army with the help of bizarre creatures each with special abilities ranging from Hiccup the large to Wham the explosive! Aid the beautiful and mysterious Globs in their quest to save their home, only you can save them!


grow smallby Studio Grow

Grow is an online multiplayer brawler for the PC. Play as weird and unique creatures and fight to become the dominant side! Try different foods to become different classes with unique abilities and skills or spit your food at enemies to deal out damage and crazy effects. Fight through massive levels and a variety of chaotic game modes, changing your game play style as you go. Grow presents a refreshing and exciting take on online multiplayer games, encompassing a wide demographic of players with its addictive online battles. It’s playable over the internet with up to 32 players.

Guess it 1st

guess it first smallby Neon Games

Guess it 1st is a fun word puzzle game on the iOS by the team at Neon Games. Locally made here in Adelaide by a developer with over 20 years experience in programming Guess it 1st is a game that the whole family will enjoy. With 20+ categories and thousands of expressions across 4 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard and mixed) there is something for everyone. Play alone or challenge a friend via Facebook to see who can Guess it 1st. And discover entertaining combinations with our magic tiles.

Intergalactic Space Princess

princess smallby Shrubber

A mixed up adventure game where you play as a girl lost on an epic adventure through dimensions and space. You play as Meline, a girl who finds herself in this mysterious but whacky world. Mistaken for the real space princess, Meline must overcome a series of interesting events and characters in order to find her parents again.

Jam It

jamit smallby Throwback Games

'Jam It' is an arcade style 2-on-2 basketball game for the Commodore 64 and C64 emulators. Do you get annoyed by complex controls in modern basketball video games? In 'Jam It', one button is enough to make extreme dunks, jump-shots, shot blocks, passes, post-up plays and steals! Featuring: - 1-4 simultaneous players - Realistic and challenging AI - 3 difficulty levels - Unlockable bonuses - Halftime show mini-game - Comprehensive statistics 'Jam It' is planned for release as a digital download so you can play it on a modern system with an installed emulator ... and for the hardcore enthusiasts, 5-1/4in disk and cartridge!

Jamalaide Showcase

Holy Driver

holydiver smallIn the year 3020, humanity has come a long way but religious war continues. Years of technological innovation have left the oceans full of polluting liquids, which have settled into different layers. Since all land is required to house and feed the population, religious factions have turned to the oceans for their battleground. Help your religion reign by destroying the infidels' submarine. Holy Diver was created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 29 by Sophie Hollitt and Finn Stokes. The theme for this jam was "Beneath the Surface."

Hungry Knight

hungryKnight smallHungry Knight is a determined little adventurer with a big appetite. Fight your way through a strange wasteland, keep yourself fed every 10 seconds, and accomplish a miracle. Others may perish at your hand, but such is the remorselessness of this world. Hungry Knight was created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 27 by Team Cherry (Rohan Fraser, Ari Gibson, and William Pellen). The theme for this jam was "10 Seconds." A challenging action game. It's hard, but you can do it! Be brave.


hunt smallThe hunter becomes the hunted in a fast paced local multiplayer chase game. Use boosts and ricochet off walls in a frenetic dash to escape your hunter or catch your prey. Hunt was created in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 27 by 3 Silly Hats (Saxon Douglass, Harriet Lloyd, and Finn Stokes) with Jaime von Schwarzburg and Rory Stokes. The theme for this jam was "10 Seconds." Do you have what it takes?

Replay Racer

replay racer smallReplay Racer is a top down racing game with a twist. Every time you complete a lap a new racer joins that replays your last lap. Replay Racer was created in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam 2014 by Chris Johnson and John Oestmann. The theme for this jam was "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are." Replay Racer was awarded a prize for being the most popular game at the Jamalaide site.


metrocide smallby Flat Earth Games

Metrocide is an open world top-down stealth action game done in pixel art style with a Cyberpunk setting. You play as a contract killer named T.J. Trench, a fearsome mercenary with only the task at hand in mind. You will traverse three zones of Metro City, earning cash to purchase new weapons and unlock transit to new places with new rewards. The game is ruthlessly difficult - cops, vigilantes and more will be there to try and stop you.


mobeat smallby Steel Blue Zebra

Welcome to the exciting world of Mo-BEAT BATTLE! The students of Pointy Hills High Skool have discover their Fones have the ability to morph into weapons! Join them as they battle their way to the mysterious dark threat rising within the Skool! Mo-BEAT BATTLE! is an arcade mix of rhythm and fighting styles! Swipe to match the directional arrows on screen in time with the music to damage your opponent, missing the directional arrows will result in your opponent damaging you! Don't let that happen! Choose from a selection of characters with their own unique weapon and music style! Verse your opponent in a variety of locations within Pointy Hills High Skool. Battle your way through and face your final foe, the mysterious DARK Mo-BEAT user...

Monster Truck Destruction

mtd smallby ODD Games Pty Ltd

Monster Truck Destruction has been downloaded over 8.5m times, played well over 100m times and has been the #1 racing title in over 56 countries. Play from one of 34 officially licensed trucks such as BIGFOOT and USA-1 on 16 different real world tracks. Features world’s first physics driven deformation system in rich 3D environments. Upgrade various components on your truck to enable you to compete harder in drag and freestyle events. Drive and destroy your way to glory on iOS, Android and Amazon devices as well as PC and Mac!


nickl smallby Steel Blue Zebra

Nickl-Tin! is an arcade-driven, fast paced experience where collecting Nicklz is your one goal. But beware - swarms of flying trash threaten to keep you from racking up major Nicklz. Spend your Nicklz to build up your Tin stash with a cool variety of tin designs. Use Nicklz to unlock power ups that blast the trash away - the Tin-Turret, Lumber Axe, RAINBOW-FREAKIN'-UNICORN, Banana-Rang, and the WHAAAAAALE! All these awesome power-ups hide in shiny gems that you won't want to miss falling from the skies. Prepare for hours of fun with Nickl-Tin, playable now on iOS devices!


OTTTD smallby SMG Studio

Like explosions? Love giant, flying, undead sharks? Then OTTTD is the game for you for you! Alternatively, if you’d like a strategy game that cleverly blends TD & RTS genres for a tactical challenge across an action-packed campaign then OTTTD will scratch that itch. We describe the game as “Spaceballs meets Starship Troopers”. But anyone under 30 has no idea what Spaceballs is (their loss) so we fall back on “It’s an anything-goes TD game that doesn’t take itself seriously.”


particulars smallby SeeThrough Studios - Surprise Attack

Particulars is a game that meditates on the chaotic flow of life through the science of high energy particle physics. It makes the highly technical subject matter of subatomic particle physics accessible and engaging, while also telling a powerful story. The intuitive gameplay sees the player negotiating and manipulating physical forces and causing particle collisions at a subatomic level, in order to progress through puzzles and challenges of increasing complexity. Interwoven with the gameplay are moments of visual and spoken narrative that the player must piece together in order to uncover the very personal story of troubled physicist Alison Scott.

Potania: Is Cold, Also Dark

potania smallby Dancing Dinosaur Games

Potania: Is Cold, Also Dark is a town management game where you must help the Potanians survive the harsh winter. The Potanians are a poor people whose most valued resource is the humble potato. If Potanians have potatoes, everything will be ok. Expand their village in the frigid climate of Potania to help them endure what's to come. Harvest resources, construct plows, and eventually gather the Potanians' most sought after produce, potatoes. There are multiple scenarios to try, each with their own specific challenge. Can you survive the cold? Or will your struggle end in the dark?


screencheat smallby Samurai PunkSurprise Attack

Screencheat is a fast-paced split-screen FPS where the only way to win is to disregard traditional multiplayer rules and look at your opponents’ screen. In Screencheat all of your enemies are invisible, so in order to get the upper hand you’ll need to hunt them down by having a not sneaky look at where they’re located on the map. Screencheat debuted at the Global Game Jam 2013 by Samurai Punk and was promptly picked up by Surprise Attack Games and it’s slated to release on Steam in Q4, 2014, with five maps and eight weapons.


shaqrun smallby ODD Games Pty Ltd

Play as Garfield or Domo or choose a vehicle to compete against Shaquille O’Neal and his rivals in single or multiplayer mode or on the Virgin Gaming network in this racing game that blends simulation and arcade together. You’ll race on global tracks based in Brazil, China, USA, France, Japan, Sudan, Russia, India and Zimbabwe. You’ll have access to different vehicles with opportunities to improve performance whilst customising your ride to try and beat the track champions to ultimately win the right to take on Shaquille O’Neal. Drift, jump and speed your way to glory!

Slipstream GX

slipstreamgx smallby Airtime Productions

Slipstream GX is an anti-gravity combat racing game currently in development. The game is inspired by games such as WipEout. Players pilot anti-gravity machines at super speeds, in races filled with explosion and gunfire. The game will feature, a whole campaign to play through, including story events, several different race modes and a full soundtrack of electronic and D&B music from Cold Storage, De/Vision, Shem and more!


solstice smallby Punch Games

Take on the role of a survivor stranded somewhere in the Arctic Circle in this 3D survival/adventure game. The only companion you have in this vast frozen and unforgiving landscape is your dog. You will be faced with life threatening battles that come with the extreme cold. Come face to face terrifying encounters with arctic predators. Overcome environmental obstacles such as thin ice, snow storms and mountains. Your dog is your eyes and ears - he will alert you to food, scavenge items and alert you to immediate threats. Find rescue, overcome the odds, and survive.


stardice smallby Shark Jump Studios

Stardice is a coffee-break space strategy for Android and iOS. As captain of the 'Daybreak', you will command engagements with hostile craft, and carefully use collected scrap to sustain your voyage. Only planning, foresight, and calculated risks can save your crew from death, and allow you to break through the enemy fleet to freedom.


stasis smallby Triptych Pictures

Wake up. The battle has begun. In the 22nd century a rumour spreads of an ancient secret order that rules the citizens of Earth. On the stricken off-world mining colonies an uprising has already started - but the truth it will reveal is an enemy far more dangerous than any human. The STASIS universe is explored through a interactive graphic novel, web series, alternate reality game and television series. Stasis: 7-118 is a choose-your-own-adventure interactive graphic novel set in the near future. Through the game players will be introduced to the dilemmas and conflicts of the human condition that will be played out across 1000 years of the STASIS world.

Sticks & Stones

sticksandstones smallby Neanderfools

Sticks & Stones is a light hearted, colourful and whimsical third person platformer centred around the misadventures of “Slabs”, a solemn golem and his loud mouthed friend “Mr. Truffles”. Hot on the heels of their latest escapade the duo find themselves stranded in a strange land. Together they must recover their prized possessions and overcome the trials presented by the creatures and characters that inhabit the land it in order to find their way home.

Super Mega Mega

supermegamega smallby Blunt Instrument

Super Mega Mega is a 2D action platforming game re-imagined in 3D. The world is wrapped in a cylinder around the viewer, allowing a free looking camera and a 2D control system. Head tracked displays map directly to the camera and a gyro-enabled controller/device will mimic the VR style interaction with the world. The core gameplay loop involves classic two dimensional jumping, shooting and exploring around a platforming environment. Each level consists of multiple 2D parallel planes wrapped around the viewer to form concentric cylinders. The player can switch between them at any time Discover weapon upgrades and combine power-ups to defeat evolving enemies in a procedurally generated environment. No two play sessions will be the same. Choose a direction, either up or down. Each way has different goals and challenges.

Test Chamber

testchamber smallby Shark Jump Studios

Welcome Associate, to the Test Chamber. Test Chamber is a challenging, engrossing, and not-quite-euclidean block-pushing puzzle game. Subjects of the Test Chamber are required to navigate twisting halls, precarious bridges, and strange experiments, as they make their way to the surface; and freedom! The cold, calculating puzzles will warp your mind, as you circumvent mysterious contraptions and deadly lasers, in a world where the conventional laws of physics seemingly do not apply. A fiendishly difficult puzzler, suitable for mental masochists of all ages.

Vertiginous Golf

vertgolf smallby Kinelco/Lone Elk - Surprise Attack

Vertiginous Golf is a dystopian steampunk mini-golf adventure game that supports Oculus Rift. Unlike traditional 2D mini-golf games, VG is 3D which adds in the extra challenge of having to navigate a vast and expansive course. It is currently available on Steam Early Access. VG received an Honorable Mention at GDC 2014 for Best In Play and has been featured across all of the major gaming websites, like Giant Bomb, Kotaku, IGN, Destructoid, Rock Paper Shotgun, and more. It has just returned from a successful trip to PAX East where we debuted the Oculus Rift functionality.


by Robot Overlord

xenoraptor smallXenoRaptor is a game about a robot dragon fighting rocket propelled chainsaws in space.


zombeez smallby Andrada Makes Games

You’re the last surviving bee in a colony overrun by parasites and it’s up to you to save your home! With the pressure increasing every level, tap to manoeuvre as you hunt down pollen in the perilous outdoors, dodge infectious hive invaders, and feed (don’t eat!) the children. Use your pollen stockpile to restore each hive chamber as you step closer towards rescuing the Queen. You choose the fate of your hive. How will the colony survive? Parasites and bug-sucking ZombeeZ wait for you in every direction, so don’t get too close; you may get a little jumbled… or worse.