2013 Games

2013 was the largest IGR to date with 45 games being shown within Hall K. UniSA continued to support us through sponsorship. Several IGR participants presented their games and held competitions on the Video Game stage.

A.M.C.U. Animal Mechanized Combat Units

amcuby A.M.C.U

A.M.C.U. Animal Mechanized Combat Units is a 3rd person shooter in which players control cutting edge military animal machines in battle as they complete various missions and unravel the events of 6 years ago that left 90% of the world population dead to a devastating virus attack. Battle in a variety of fully destroyable environments ranging from jungles, to over grown industrial complexes as player complete their missions or battle against each other.


amygdalaby Machine Spirit

When a man has his body stolen he typically has one of two reactions; he either dies, or he sets out on an adventure as a disembodied head, hellbent on revenge. Sometimes that adventure involves following a dastardly body-stealing wizard into a strange and magical realm, traversing treacherous terrain and cunning traps with surprising mobility and combatting a menagerie of foes with mind bullets. Sometimes it doesn’t but in Amygdala it does. The Machinespirit guys put Amygdala together by seeing how many mobs they could come up with and shouting “ARCADE BRUTAL” over and over. It’s hard. Enjoy the pain.

And Then There Was One

attw1by Bleep Bloop

And Then There Was One is a four player stealth game in which players assassinate targets or other assassins within a crowd. To avoid death either blend into your surroundings, be the first to kill your targets, or fake your death to be the last assassin standing. Your assignment can take place within a quiet family park, a disco dance floor or at a busy city intersection.

Assault Android Cactus

assault androidby Witchbeam

Assault Android Cactus is a twin stick shooter for one to four players with an emphasis on high pressure and stylish action.

Junior Constable Cactus responded to a stranded space freighter only to discover it under siege by its malfunctioning robot workers. Cut off from the outside and in over her head, Cactus and the androids she recruits along the way must battle through the crippled Genki Star to reach the brain of the ship and put things right before it's too late.

Beach Bandits

BeachBanditsby Mighty Kingdom

Huey the red crab lives in a peaceful paradise made up of many amazing beaches and islands. Lately hoards of troublesome green crabs dubbed the ‘Beach Bandits,’ have been stealing from the beaches. They take everything from treasure to animals and people! Huey is desperate to stop the Bandits and restore peace to the beaches but he needs your help! Find the items Huey describes before you run out of time and the Bandits steal everything!

Navigate your way through 6 uniquely themed beaches with awesome things to find! The faster you complete levels, the more you’ll unlock!

Buzz Trailz

by Aetos Games

Free Buzz Ze Bee and his friends from their enclosure! BuzzTrailz is a puzzle based game where you can travel to exciting imaginary destinations and help the bugs find their freedom from the confines of the encompassing prison cell. Drag your finger across the grid and match the bug species to obtain their liberation.Buzz will help you build up some extra touches to help his friends and Claude the Snail doubles your score of the imprisonment outbreak line, the more you free the higher your score. Be careful, keep an eye on your touches otherwise it?s game over?


Collateral screenshot 1by Dancing Dinosaur Games

Step into the driving seat of a highly customisable and heavily armed flying taxi in the amoral cyberpunk future of 'Collateral'. You play as Zack Edgewater, an average hovercab driver caught between warring factions, bloodthirsty customers, and the corrupt corporations that control the city of New Bedlam. Explore visually loaded environments, undertake a variety of challenging missions, align with nefarious factions, and gain access to a multitude of weapons and upgrades. Every job brings you one step closer to escaping a depraved, maniacal metropolis in this fast paced and brutal ride you won't forget in a hurry.

Defence Cannon

defenceby Universe One Interactive

Put that urge to blow stuff up to good use, and report in to take control of your own oversized high-powered super cannon to defend your barricade from an army of giant mechanical insects, in this modern arcade style game for the iPhone and iPad.

Achieve high combos and collect items to supercharge your cannon with upgrades like explosive missiles, beams that pierce through any enemy and many other beam modifications.

Rotate your view to find and monitor approaching threats, before you find yourself ambushed and overwhelmed by a hoard of enemies.

You’ve been assigned to defend in several locations each with their own hazardous conditions.

Double Happy Vs The Infinite Sadness

DH HD Game Play Exampleby Monkeystack

Mash up the point click adventure games of the 90’s with the retro gaming action of the 80’s; throw in some neo-pop, edgy cute rabbits together with a huge range of contemporary environment art and game design and you have Double Happy Vs. The Infinite Sadness.

Strong comic elements and epic themes create a humorous, quirky and energetic story driven experience. Players control the Double Happy Rabbits, solving puzzles and testing their reflexes as they travel through the Isles of the Ancients in an effort to vanquish The Infinite Sadness. Puzzles and action...Philosophy, physics and flatulence...what more could you want.

Fibre Optic Pizza

fibreOpticPizzaby Personal Exoskeleton Games

Amid the garbage-filled, neon-lit streets of the stinking 2050's, professional debugger Yuriko Masakari battles radioactive mutants, psychotic gangsters and overpaid corporate security goons to solve and/or cause problems of a meaninglessly violent nature for the highest bidder on the Internet. Inspired by the fast-paced gunplay of late 90's shooters you blow a path to the end of the level in a storm of bullets, swords and rockets in total disregard for private property rights. Hand drawn cut-scenes between levels tell a cheesy story of evil businessmen, rebellious hackers, overused Internet memes and piles upon piles of empty pizza boxes.

Fort Sombre

fortesombreby Independent Artists

You have been captured by the ghosts of Fort sombre and locked away in the miserable cells of its dungeon. First things first you must escape the brittle cell. The front gate is locked and it is the only way out of this torture.  There is one golden key hidden somewhere in the building, it is your saviour, it will unlock the front gates separating you from freedom but where is the key? Look for it in rooms, exploring the castle and you will escape unscathed. Good luck, you’ll need it!

Gargula: Bloodrush

gargulaby Paranormal Games

Gargula Bloodrush is a 2D infinite runner, That throws you into a nightmarish retro style world of horror and gore. That combines fast action play and a darkened, high contrast colour scheme. Along with its hard hitting soundtrack and renaissance setting along with enemies. Playing as a vicious Gargoyle set free from its stone tomb to destroy any living thing in its way, or so it seems…..

Gargula Bloodrush brings a dark world to life in a simplistic model, yet shows that it isn't afraid to push boundaries artistically and mechanically. It's a menacing mash up of 80's style cartoons meets Mortal Kombat. Oddly disturbing yet intensely exciting it's the perfect tonic for those who wish to play something old, yet something new.

Glove Slap

gloveslapby Team Fractal Alligator

Engage in gentlemanly combat to the death! Play as the dashing Wadsworth or the daring Kettlebry in a fancy man of england's challenge of honor. Duel your friends (and enemies!) in the manliest and fanciest lethal dueling style - rooftop rapiers at dawn!

Guess It 1st

guess2by Neon Games

Challenge a friend or play by yourself in Guess it First, the fun new game by Neon Games. In the spirit of Wheel of Fortune and Hangman see how fast you can guess the expression with help from our game host, Tommy the Turtle. Challenge how much you know with a variety of categories, win coins to spend on clues and vowels and earn fun achievements. Presently only for the iOS.

Gut Run

gutby Served Soft

Last we left Pink and Blue, they had escaped a barren desert by being eaten alive by a monstrous desert worm. It could be worse... It’s warm here and what’s better than putting your feet up in a bile bath? But there is movement up above and it seems the worm has found a new meal...

Pink and Blue work together, using a bath to escape the oncoming doom and help other critters who have suffered the same fate. They must ride down a river of bile, dodging, ducking and jumping their way to freedom in "Gut Run"!


hacknetby Team Fractal Alligator

Hacknet is a terminal-driven hacking game with competitive multiplayer, a fully internally-consistent network simulation and a realistic, accurate interface. It follows the story of recently deceased hacker "Bit", whose death may not be the 'accident' the media reports. You stand in for one one in the game, as most games have you do - play for yourself, make your own decisions, and see the world react to you. Don't be reckless though - it's more real than you think.

Hole in the Wall

by Dominant Claw

Hole in the Wall was developed as a project at UniSA with the aim of developing interaction techniques for an emerging technology called Digital Foam. Developed by the Wearable Computer Lab at UniSA, Digital Foam enables users with a tactile, intuitive surface for 3D interaction. A Digital Foam game controller was developed by Dominant Claw as a project at UniSA and a game was developed to utilize it.

Hole in the Wall can be thought of as a digital version of the children’s toy which involves pushing different shaped blocks through different shaped holes in a bench. Hole in the Wall employs the 3D sculpting capabilities of the Digital Foam controller to have the player sculpt their shape to match the shape in an approaching wall. Players will be awarded points based on how closely they match the hole but watch out for walls coming from different directions. Hitting the wall hurts!

Love Hotel

loveby 3 Silly Hats

Love Hotel is a simulation game in a NES style where you build your tower from the ground up into a five-star luxury hotel for couples. Love Hotel is designed to be played in one sitting, and takes a bit over an hour to complete. It is inspired by Bullfrog's management games and the various Sim games. The original version of Love Hotel was a jam game made for Mini Ludum Dare #38, which was based on the theme NES. Sometime before Nintendo started making video games, they ran a chain of love hotels. We wanted to make a game about that part of Nintendo's past that felt like it could have been on their original console. We later distanced ourselves from the Nintendo association, so that we could create our own identity, but this game wouldn't exist without their colourful history. What we submitted for the jam was incomplete but we all felt the concept had more potential. We continued to work on the game for the rest of the year, greatly expanding its scope and polish. What we will bring to the IGR is the result.


mossby Peter B. Funnell

M.O.S.S. (Maritime Operations Simulation System) is a computer-based naval warfare simulator that uses the World Vector Shoreline G.I.S. dataset to accurately recreate coastlines pertaining to regions of 90,000NM^2 (5 degrees of longitude by 5 degrees of latitude), on which conflicts between various military vessels from navies around the world may be simulated on a birds-eye view graphical user interface. Features include fleet creation from a long list of nations, various types of surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles, radar systems, time compression, team cycling and a node-based movement system that can either be applied to entire fleets or individual vessels.


machinationsby Graham Games

Machinations is a top-down strategy game made for Android devices (and hopefully iOS in the future). The pace of the game is designed to be set at a level that doesn't require lightning reflexes, but still gives that real-time strategy feel. In gameplay you command your fleet between space stations, attacking and seizing enemy stations to bolster your ranks and gain strategic advantage until you dominate the map. The humans will be doing their best to thwart your robot uprising and you will have to upgrade your stations, manage your armada and co-ordinate your attacks to ensure victory.

Maison de Folie - House of Madness

maisonby Pivot Point Games

The player will start inside a room not knowing why they are there but knowing that they must get out of the house. The player achieves this by exploring each room and solving the simple puzzles found inside.


massteriodsby Mighty Kingdom

You are a rogue asteroid, hurtling towards earth. Your goal: mass destruction! Run into various items to pick them up and help your asteroid grow. The more things you pick up, the larger impact you’ll make. Steer around volatile items, these will rip you apart and cause you to shrink. Look out for black holes, toxic waste and missiles. Earth can see you coming and it’s not letting you get there without a fight. Many different gameplay modes ensure you never get bored. Each different mode has its own unique and quirky items to pick up.

Master Thief

thiefby Universal Chicken

Get in. Get the loot. Get out.

Don't get caught!

Master Thief is a stealth game inspired by the classics of the genre. Designed for quick games with an optional competitive edge, Master Thief is made for mobile and social play while still providing a challenge for those who want to do more than just win.

Published in collaboration with Gametraders and returning to The Indie Games Room for the fourth time, Master Thief is available now for iOS and Android and coming soon to other platforms!


micronationsby Micronations

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, lived a family…

Unhappy with the lack of civilization in their area they attempt succession against the state, declaring them as a monarchy… or rather a Micro-nation. In this unique city builder take control of your micronation, enjoy 3d graphics and an ambitious scope as you take on the tasks of keeping your micronation afloat.

On the way everything might not go according to plan, some dispute the King’s claim to the throne of this newly established Micro-nation… the people of this new country may even rise against the monarch.

Will your Micro-nation succeed?

Monster Truck Destruction

monsterby ODD Games

Monster Truck Destruction, developed by ODD Games, is a true representation of the Monster Truck sport featuring dynamic physics, high grade 3D graphics and realistic damage. This title has been developed with input from actual drivers and teams from the biggest brands in the sport to make this title authentic. There are over 30 licensed trucks to choose from, multiple real world track layouts, performance upgrades, championships, freestyle and drag events and multiplayer functionality. All of this gameplay will be available on iOS, PC, Mac, Android and other gaming devices. Check out www.monstertruckdestruction.com to get in on the action!


overload2by Mighty Kingdom

You are the Dockmaster and you must stack shipping containers onto the waiting ships. As you stack your crane will speed up so make sure you drop the containers in the right position. If not, you’ll drop them off the side of the stack and the shipping companies won’t be too pleased. Just when you thought you were getting used to it your crane changes pace with little warning. It can speed up or slow down dramatically and you’ve got to keep up. Drop too many crates and you’ll lose. See how high you can stack and challenge your friends on Game Center.

Pater et Filivs

paby Le Chateau Noir

Pater et Filivs is an abstract stealth game made for people. You play as Filivs, a small child hiding from his abusive father. Patris eyes are sensitive to the light, so remain in the bright spots to avoid detection. You cannot see Pater in the dark, so be wary of the shadows. Censeo Patrem Esse Timendvm!


pixldead2by Cabin Pressure

PiXLDeAD is a tribute to classic gaming, utilising low-res graphics in 3D environments. Through the tight scope of a first-person shooter, it tells the story of two humanitarian workers providing aid in a zombie-infested wasteland. One day, on a routine operation, they uncover a secret so dark it threatens their very sanity, and the fate of the human race. Utilising a heavy ambient synth soundtrack and rich world, PiXLDeAD seeks to create a sense of nostalgia and adventure. After a three-year development cycle, the team hopes to have something available for download at this year's AVCon.


plumper21by Handsome Goats

Plumpers is a fast-paced arcade game about sending a pig hurtling through space, inflating as he goes until he becomes one planet-sized porky pig! On his way, he’ll have to dash out of the way of deadly hazards that may fry his bacon, and collect power-ups to help him conquer the leaderboards! Collect enough coins, and he’ll even be able to super-charge through obstacles ahead! Each game of this score-attack adventure is procedurally generated, making a fresh, juicy experience each time for you to sink your teeth into! So get ready to pump it up! And up and up!

Professor G's Rambunctious Rocket Adventure

profgby Bleeding Brain

Foiled again, but this time you'll make them pay! Charge up the fluxx capacitor, power up the plasma engine, and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime. Race through huge landscapes and expansive canyons as you prepare for your final destination; the ultimate destruction of all man-kind. But be careful, colliding with the rocky outcrops could result in premature detonation and see you once again retired to the drawing board.

Project Sandman

sandmanby Greatfire Studios

It's after lunch on a warm summers afternoon, Martin is trapped in a boring meeting while desperately trying to keep his eyes open. Slowly he nods off to sleep. Suddenly he "awakens" to find the Sandman, who informs him of his fate. Sandman has lost his power and they are both stuck. Help Martin regain the Sandman's power and escape dreamland. Doing this will take you on the journey of a lifetime as you traverse through surreal and wonderful dreamscapes using your epic platforming skills. Watch out for McCoy, Sandman's dastardly nemesis. Don't dwell too long, Martin could be fired!!

Roll Hack Loot

rollby Binary Sprite

Roll, Hack, Loot! A Dungeon Crawler featuring a unique map building and encounter system. Choose a party of three adventurers and build the map from randomly generated tiles. As the party explores the dungeon they will experience a variety of events, fight monsters and find treasures. Equip items to grant characters new abilities and bonuses. Chain together encounters - greater risk means greater reward.


shiftnewby Partialbit Studios

Skyshift is a first person, full 3D puzzler, where you must manipulate your environment in order to create your own solution, and escape to victory.

Isolated and alone in a virtual world, it's you and the environment, and you'll need your wits about you. It appears as if you are all powerful, but beware, the world is not as it seems, and for the reckless, it is all too easy to become your own enemy.

Tear the world apart in your quest to find blocks, understand their power, and use your creative brilliance to shift the world to your will.


sorted2by Mighty Kingdom

You’re a young, enthusiastic astronaut, travelling through deep-space in search of a strange intergalactic species when your gravity simulators give out. Objects start flying out of their compartments and blocking the pilot’s view. You’re headed at full speed towards a strange moon when your pilot loses control… You must drag the shapes back into their correct compartments before you crash into the moon. Shapes are also colour-coded, just to add that extra level of confusion. But be prepared; the rapid fire action of level after level of increasingly complicated shapes will definitely keep you on your feet!

Star Fender

starfenderby Star Fender

Star Fender is a rich fast paced 3D space shooter in which the player navigates through detailed and dense environments to fight enemy pirates with a variety of weapons, while avoiding their own destruction whether brought about by pirates or rogue asteroids. The player’s objective is to survive as long as possible in the open hostile environment, with the game becoming sufficiently more difficult as time progresses, with the player needing to multitask effectively. The game shares similarities to previous titles such as Freelancer, with agile maneuverability for the ships providing a strong dog-fighting theme.

Test Chamber

testchamberby Shark Jump Studios

Welcome Associate, to the Test Chamber. Test Chamber is a challenging, engrossing, and not-quite-euclidean block-pushing puzzle game. Subjects of the Test Chamber are required to navigate twisting halls, precarious bridges, and strange experiments, as they make their way to the surface; and freedom! The cold, calculating puzzles will warp your mind, as you circumvent mysterious contraptions and deadly lasers, in a world where the conventional laws of physics seemingly do not apply. A fiendishly difficult puzzler, suitable for mental masochists of all ages.

The Legend of Tickets

by Universe One Interactive

A entire game arcade in your pants... pocket. Play games to earn tickets and unlock heaps of prizes and trophies. Level up to special VIP statuses and unlock more games, rooms and features. Earn game credits in a number of ways like working behind the counter in an endurance mini game. Optionally enjoy Universe One's weird twisted sense of humor in our first comedy with games such as Smack up a Mole, That stupid clown game, Ice Hole, and many others. Win great "high quality" dust collecting prizes that are no stranger to the term "What can go wrong, will go wrong"

The Mech Paradox

by Universe One Interactive

Battle your friends over the 20th/21st century using ex-utility Mechs in a strategic deathmatch using time travel to manipulate your surroundings, set traps and hunt your opponents. All before the round finishes and the universe comes to an end in this multiplayer first person shooter for Apple IOS and Android devices.

Climb buildings to get upgrades before a paradox is created beneath your feet by your opponents. Supercharge your Mech during the match to prepare for the ultimate showdown between you and your friends, or hunt them through time for a deadly ambush.

Tiger in a Bubble

tigerinabubbleby Sloth Creations

Why on Earth is there a Tiger in a Bubble? You play a Tiger who has been teleported to an alternate dimension which lacks oxygen. You must navigate a puzzle packed realm of virtual insanity, collecting mystical orbs to power portals in hope that one portal will teleport you back home. The direction of gravity in this dimension is relative to the player and can be changed throughout the game. Each puzzle requires you to manipulate your relative gravity to complete the puzzle.

Tower of the Angels

towerofangelsby Eat Bears Nom

Explore a fantasy world of angels and androids, exploration and combat. Tower of the Angels is a colourful 3D action/exploration game with a chiptune soundtrack. The Angels live in the Tower of the Lights in the north, thriving on trade, arts and craftsmanship. To the south, the savage Vampire clans hide in the shadows. The Androids survive in their underground bunker, suspicious and secluded. The Creatures of the forest are not so far removed from animals. There will be platforming! There will be Adventuring! There will be Metroidvaniaing! There will be hot and cold running water!


unearchby Red Cape Entertainment

The Players will take on the role of a soldier Enrolled in either the Centauri Coalition (Red) or the Terra Alliance (Blue). Gameplay will consist of quick 5 minute battles, where the two teams go head to head in small squads with the aim of securing the most kills. The Battles will take place on the UnEarth mining company’s interstellar mining platforms located throughout the sector. Combat will revolve around jumping between platforms, hiding behind obstacles and avoiding traps. Two weapons will be available, the default being the laser rifle, and the specialty located on site rocket launcher.


by Vanguard Initiative

Vanguard is an action strategy game set in the outer reaches of the solar system wherein the rampant AI, Perfect X, has taken control of planetary defenses and threatens to destroy all that humanity holds dear. You control one of the many dreadnaughts on board Titan’s interstellar city ship, Forge. Fight alongside your friends as you do battle against AI installations and rival mercenaries alike. Perfect X is on a war path for Earth and you must meet her in battle.


XenoRaptor2by Robot Overlord

XenoRaptor brings the fast paced, projectile based game mechanics of classic FPSs like Doom and Serious Sam to a top down perspective. Unleash ridiculous firepower while using the agility provided by responsive controls to stay in the gaps between your enemies firing arcs. When you finish shooting, there's a complex customization system for both your ship and it's armament allowing you to play exactly how you want. Teleport behind enemies and blow them apart with a lightning shotgun, snipe them with a precise laser cannon or just fill their ship with angry bears.


by Paradigm Shift

Zero is a game that intends to be a atmospheric venture in a dark isolated science fiction setting. You awaken from cryogenic sleep to find you are surrounded by overgrown surroundings of what can only be assumed is space algae. You venture forth to find out where you are and if there is anyone else around you, as you didn't awaken with the most clearest of minds. As you explore you will perform some interaction with the environment, attempt to make contact with others and find safety. It also has ZERO GRAVITY!!!


ZombeeZ2by Andrada Makes Games

You’re the last surviving bee in a colony overrun by parasites and you have to save your home! Tap the arrows to manoeuvre through levels; collect pollen in the garden before the sun sets; dodge infectious hive invaders and smash through treacherous barriers; and feed (don’t eat!) the children. Use your pollen stockpile to replenish the remaining hive dwellers as you search for the Queen in its chambers. Parasites and bug-sucking ZombeeZ that used to be your family wait for you in every direction, so don’t get too close, or you might lose more than just your sense of direction.