2012 Games

In 2012, IGR moved across into Hall K and continued to grow with 35 games. This was the first year that IGR received major sponsorship through the support of UniSA. Several developers included challenges within their games as part of AVCon's Alternative Gamer Competition.

A.M.C.U. (Animal Mechanized Combat Units) 

amcu3by A.M.C.U.

A.M.C.U. (Animal Mechanized Combat Units) is a 3rd person shooter where players battle against each other using cutting edge military animal machines. Complete various missions while you try to unravel recent events that culminated in the death of 90% of the world's population. Battle in a variety of fully destroyable environments ranging from jungles, to over-grown industrial complexes. Choose between different types of play as you complete missions or do battle against other players. 

Animal Dash

animaldashby third porridge

Run away! That dastardly chef has caught all your prairie friends! play as Monkey, Lion, Bear, Rabbit, and others, as you dash heroically to your freedom. Leap over great gaps, duck and weave, and bust down anything in your path! Smash open cages and free your imprisoned animal friends while you try to escape the mean chef's hunting net. Don't slow down, or fall into the water! Lazy animals get caught in booby-traps... or worse!


celiaby Jamalaide

Come with us on a trip through a fantastic land of wonder in Celia. Originally developed by those grinning cats at Jamalaide for Ludum Dare 23, Celia is an exciting puzzle platformer that is sure to expand your mind. Help the mimsy Celia grow into the galumphing heroine of her dreams as she gyres through the labyrinths of infinity into the enchanted forests for an insane tea party. You'll encounter cakes of growth and tea of diminishment in a beautifully realised storybook realm. Climb towers as a giant and negotiate small tunnels as a not-so giant. Don't forget to Eat Me!


crabitron2by Two Lives Left

Crabitron is a Giant Space Crab simulation for iPad that incorporates unique touch-based gestures allowing for an unprecedented level of control. Players can crush, smash and tear space-ships apart to get at the tasty treats inside, such as people, space-cheese and donuts. Players can also upgrade their Giant Crab in the Crab Lab to unlock unique abilities, improve strength and toughen their carapace.


expandby Chris Johnson and Chris Larkin

Expand is an experimental video game that takes players on a journey through a labyrinth constructed using circular space. Players must avoid getting squashed as the labyrinth twists, stretches and expands itself in ways that create interesting and hypnotic visual aesthetics. Players move through the labyrinth in a circular fashion, encountering interpretive metaphors along the way. Expand is accompanied with a dynamic soundtrack that pairs itself with the changing black and white world.

Expand is currently in active development and will be released when ready.


fissureby Great Fire Studios

Fissure, the future of sport. Featuring intense drone destruction, this frantic cagematch is designed for your viewing pleasure."- The Sun, 4592. Fissure is a first person shooter. Fissure is a space sim. Fissure is all this and more. Made using the XNA Framework, Fissure has full freedom of movement for epic manoeuvres. At Greatfire Studios we pride ourselves on making games that return to the roots of gaming, staying true to what games are really about- fun. Fissure is the embodiment of this. It?s just a fun game to fire up and then fire upon your mates.

Flat Land

flatlandby See Through Studios

Inspired by the 19th-century novella by Edwin A Abbot, SeeThrough Studios presents Flatland. Enter an astonishingly two-dimensional world and take part in the stories of triangles, pentagons and other depth-challenged individuals as they splinch, sneak and saunter their way through flat-life. Flatland is being released using an ?alphasodic? model, which is like an alpha-funding program but with less pesky waiting. SeeThough will deliver new and captivating narratives, levels and gameplay from Flatland on a monthly basis as we develop the tech, stories and art of this polygon-noir world.

Gauntlet Quest

gauntletquestby Soundplay Interactive

The game is a side-scrolling endless runner, where the player has to jump over or slide under both ground and air based hazards, while doing this, the player will also need to collect the spirits of evil monsters, by collecting the spirits, this fuels the players power up ability providing them with different ways to navigate the environmental hazards and game environment. We really want to try and create a fun collecting system in the game, that?s heavy on player reward.

Gem Thief

Gem Thiefby Evil Genius

Looking for a challenge? Well look no further! Gem Thief is a 2D puzzle game where you play as Quentin, a thieving miner, whose goal is steal gems from numerous locations around the world. As you travel from location to location your puzzle solving skills will be put to the test as you clear dirt, move boulders, and destroy obstacles in order to grab every last one of the gems in this 80s vintage style game!Don?t worry! Gem Thief also includes a difficulty mode for both casual and expert players alike, so that you can set your own pace!


guardianby Dose Interactive

Guardian is an adventure game where you look over James who is dealing with the stresses of personal loss while a sinister character called Stoneface drags him in to the shadow world where everything is not as it seems. The player has influence in the world while James makes is way through different levels. At every turn you must make sure he gets away from Stoneface and the creatures that live in the dark recesses of Shadow world. 


Hacknet12by Team Fractcal Alligator

Hacknet is a terminal-driven hacking game with competetive multiplayer, a fully internally-consistant network simulation and a realistic, accurate interface. It follows the story of recently deceased hacker "Bit", whose death may not be the 'accident' the media reports. You stand in for one one in the game, as most games have you do - play for yourself, make your own decicions, and see the world react to you. Dont be reckless though - it's more real than you think.


hackycateditby Ken Wong

Hackycat is a game about kicking cats, coming soon to iPhone, iPad and IPod Touch. Use your feet, knees and head to keep cats up in the air! Collect cheezburgers to unlock new cats, athletes and stages, compete for high scores, or play head-to-head on the same iPad. Hackycat is being developed in Adelaide Ken Wong, whose previous credits include Alice: Madness Returns and American McGee's Grimm. Love cats? Hate cats? This. Game.

Hatland Adventures

hatlandby Team Fractcal Alligator

Hatland Adventures is all about speed, momentum and hats. A fast paced 2D sidescrolling runner with a unique hat based health system, hatland adventures delivers a unique, fast and beautiful glance into the world of the truly extreme hat collector. Form a majestic tower of hats honing your skills in practice mode, before testing them for fun and profit (unlocks and leaderboard positions) in Chase mode. Use varied and unique powerup hats to get an edge and play however you want. Hatland Adventures is fast, fun and absolutely filled with hats.


Jackalby Binary Sprite

Jackal is a first person dungeon explorer created by Binary Sprite, set in an alternate version of Earth post alien invasion. The player is cast as a scavenger, picking through the remains of civilisation for the supplies required to keep the remnants of humanity alive.

Jackal features
* Free-roaming dungeon exploration
* Turn-based tactical combat
* Puzzles solved by manipulating your environment

Jackal will be presented as a concept demonstration at the Indy Games Room 2012. A modern take on a popular genre, the environment of Jackal will provide excellent grounding for further expansion.


machinations2by Graham Games

Machinations is a top-down strategy game made for Android devices (and hopefully iOS in the future). The pace of the game is designed to be set at a level that doesn't require lightning reflexes, but still gives that real-time strategy feel. In gameplay you command your fleet between space stations, attacking and seizing enemy stations to bolster your ranks and gain strategic advantage until you dominate the map. The humans will be doing their best to thwart your robot uprising and you will have to upgrade your stations, manage your armada and co-ordinate your attacks to ensure victory.

Master Thief

masterthief3by Universal Chicken

Returning from the Indie Games Room 2010 and 2011, Master Thief is a casual sneaking game in the tradition of Metal Gear Solid. Your goal is simple ? get in, grab the loot, and get out without being caught. Master Thief is set for a 2012 release and will feature built-in level creation and sharing tools.

Mech Paradox

MechParadoxby Universe One Interactive

Battle your friends over the 20th/21st century using ex-utility Mechs in a strategic deathmatch using time travel to manipulate your surroundings, set traps and hunt your opponents. All before the round finishes and the universe comes to an end in this multiplayer first person shooter for Apple IOS and Android devices. Climb buildings to get upgrades before a paradox is created beneath your feet by your opponents. Supercharge your Mech during the match to prepare for the ultimate showdown between you and your friends, or hunt them through time for a deadly ambush.

Mek Warfare

mekwarfareby Sloth Creations

Sit down in your new fighting machine ? a futuristic hovering tank with masses of weapons. Challenge your friends in this multiplayer post-apocalyptic world. There is little space left to share on the barren wasteland for these greedy post-apocalyptic survivors, take control of a ship and annihilate anything that moves in hope that you may rule the world.  Upgrade your ship to a stronger, faster, and deadlier ship and totally annihilate your enemies. Jam packed with explosions, guns, spaceships, high speed, and even more explosions, this game will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Monster Truck Destruction

mtdby ODD Games

Monster Truck Destruction, developed by ODD Games, is a true representation of the Monster Truck sport featuring dynamic physics, high grade 3D graphics and realistic damage. This title has been developed with input from actual drivers and teams from the biggest brands in the sport to make this title authentic. There are over 30 licensed trucks to choose from, multiple real world track layouts, performance upgrades, championships, freestyle and drag events and multiplayer functionality. All of this gameplay will be available on iOS, PC, Mac, Android and other gaming devices. Check out www.monstertruckdestruction.com to get in on the action!


Nitereby Binary Sprite

Nitere is a strategic colour matching puzzle game by Binary Sprite. Players must direct beams of light around an increasingly chaotic board. Each game piece placed by the player will increase the risk... and the potential reward. To control the beams of light the player is given a variety of game pieces. While some will help bring order to the board, others will increase the chaos. The player must consider which to use to maximise their score. With 'just one more turn' game-play, Nitere is a unique puzzle experience for Windows and Macintosh computers along with iOS and Android Tablets.


ortusby Elvidian Entertainment

In the land of Candor, 100 years after the Battle for Wayland keep was won, war is once again creeping into the Land of Candor from the Therion Empire. Where once the nation was lead by Argus, a mighty Triarch and ruler, the throne now lies empty in the midst of a stalemate, and the people's fears are getting the best of them. It is at this time that a stranger appears in the Wailing Wastes, and slaughters dozens of soldiers, before searching for his next target; you, who have awoken in the southern town of Springvale without a clue as to how you got there...


pixldead21by Cabin Pressure

PiXLDeAD is an anachronistic zombie shooter; a modern FPS utilising 16-bit textures to tell the chilling and humerous story of one man's struggle to survive. In a world devoid of human life, what drives us to go on living? Over the course of the game, the player goes on a desperate search to track down and help fellow survivors. The game utilises a haunting synthesised soundtrack to invoke a sense of loneliness in the player, and many dynamic events to keep the gameplay fresh. The aim of PiXLDeAD is to create an atmosphere that marries adventure and nostalgia.

Planet Smashers

planetsmashersby Universal Chicken

Do you long to settle your differences with neighboring galactic superpowers, but tire of normal, everyday, pedestrian pistols at dawn? Planet Smashers is a brand new multiplayer experience for iOS in which galactic overlords participate in their favourite pass time; smashing planets. Fill the cosmos with your ever expanding celestial balls, and leave your opponent's precious planets a smoldering ruin of craters in one of three unique game modes. Destroying entire planets over petty squabbles about mining rights? Smashtacular!

Portal Panic

portalpanicby Elvidian Entertainment

The Portal has gone into Chaos after Blockhead caused P-Bot to malfunction, and warp the dimensions of Newgrounds! Only by using the skills of 5 unique characters can you reach P-Bot and restore the portal to peace. The Captain is a tough all-rounder, Pico is a big punch in a small package, Dad is an even bigger punch delivered with a side of muscle-bound brutality, Bitey is a super-fast double-jumping speed freak, while Salad Fingers is just a freak in general, repelling enemies with his creepy puppet friends and paralysing petting. Use their whacky powers to navigate 7 different dimensions and restore peace once more!

Portals 2D

portal2dby Weesal

Sick of endless zombie shooters? In a bid to modernize the classic block pushing games, Gateway puts you through of a series of intense brain-bending puzzles filled with devastating lasers, powerful robots, complex door and switch systems, and warp gates allowing you to reach impossible locations. Use your custom portal gun to open your own gateways come at the puzzle from a different perspective. This is not a game of reflex; it is a test of how resourcefully you can think. Beautiful graphics, wonderful sounds, ingenious gameplay, and silky smooth animations make this game a must have.

Proving Grounds

provinggroundby Iron Studios

?Proving Grounds? is a first person paintball skirmish simulator developed by ?Iron Studios?. The frantic action takes place in an old industrial warehouse, refitted with a makeshift skirmish obstacle course. The object here is to be the last man standing. The focus of the game is art and realism. Dimmed lights, stone walls, shipping containers and sand bags are some of the elements that litter this carefully crafted world. The gameplay cannot be overlooked either, the action is fast frantic and really captures the essence of its real world counterpart.

Relics of Lemuria

relicsoflemuriaby Eagle Face Studios

Ensnared between a high cliff face and the fathomless ocean, in the decaying remnants of a long-extinct proto-human civilization, two teams of mechanized combat drones clash for domination of the greatest scientific discovery in human history; a prize capable of answering the question of God, the nature of the human mind, and the ultimate destiny of the physical Universe. Unbeknownst to their masters, however, is a rapidly growing threat; a being of ancient power is stirring for the first time in eons. And all the while, the tide is rising?.

Sammi Seahorse

sammiseahorseby Bluejay

Sammi Seahorse and the Crown-of-Thorns is a point-and-click adventure game by Flinders University student group Bluejay Games. With tongue firmly in cheek, Sammi is an homage to Humungous Games and their brilliant titles Putt-Putt, Pajama Sam and Freddi Fish, and brings the old-school point and click to a new generation of little adventurers. Featuring hand-painted backgrounds, classic point-and-click gameplay and a great sense of humour, Sammi is a game that will appeal to young and old alike.


saipenceby Peter B. Funnell

Sapience is a challenging science-fiction F.P.S./R.P.G. hybrid set aboard the abandoned 'Starship Caelum'.  It has been in production since late January 2012.  The game exhibits retro-style gameplay and graphics inspired by older shooters such as ID Software's 'Doom' and 'Wolfenstein', with certain elements from the adventure and R.P.G. genres.  Features include an inventory system, a level/experience system, multiple weapons, unique enemies and  useful pick-ups.  Players are equipped with a HAZMAT suit in which a limited amount of oxygen is available.  The oxygen is replenished by oxygen cylinders, which are dispersed throughout each level, adding a twist to regular F.P.S./R.P.G. combat.

Scream Time

screamtimeby Served Soft

?Scream Time? is a top down action shooter played on a mobile platform. Using its bold cartoon art style that draws inspiration and themes from popular movies and characters of 1950?s B horror movies. The player is a detective who must survive the onslaught of zombies for as long as they can whilst on a mission to solve the mystery of why these creatures have arisen. The game plays like an old school shooter but with a modern graphic twist. ?Scream Time? focuses heavily on both its unique art style and its rewarding and engaging gameplay to captivate the player.


shiftby Photonic Game Studios

Shift is a first person, full 3D puzzler, where you must manipulate your environment in order to create your own solution, and escape to victory.

Isolated and alone in a virtual world, it's you and the environment, and you'll need your wits about you. It appears as if you are all powerful, but beware, the world is not as it seems, and for the reckless, it is all too easy to become your own enemy.

Tear the world apart in your quest to find blocks, understand their power, and use your creative brilliance to shift the world to your will.

The Engineer

theengineerby Elvidian Entertainment

The Engineer is a Survival Tower Defence game, where you play the role of Zach Scrapp trying to survive a post apocalyptic world dominated by robots. Collect scrap metal throughout the level to build various turrets, upgrade them, and buy your own guns to wield and protect yourself with. Gun types include the run-of-the-mill Machine Guns, Flame throwers, laser beams, shotguns, and EMP's. Game modes include a story based Campaign, Survival mode, map editor, and the option to play maps created by other players!


turtleeditby Evil Genius

While being transported over the Antarctic, a cargo load of precious turtle eggs falls out of a plane and into the icy waters below. Now it is up to you to help a mother turtle retrieve all of her lost eggs. In this iPhone and Android game you must tilt the device back and forth to send your turtle flying across the slippery ice of the Anatarctic, while also avoiding obstacles like shifting ice plates and subzero temperature water. Turtle has several game modes, including turtle bowling and a collision course where you can practice your skills on the ice!


xenoraptor56by Robot Overlord

How would you fight an army of rocket propelled chainsaws? A giant laser, or maybe an incendiary gatling gun? How about a plasma flamethrower or even a bear teleporter? XenoRaptor is a top down shooter which lets you blow stuff up your own way. The beta is currently fully playable and features five maps in single player wave survival mode in addition to deathmatch and coop multiplayer. Features in development include a level up system and a more in depth single player campaign.

Zombie Surf Wars

zobiesurfby Mighty Kingdom

Zombie Surf Wars is a lighthearted game where players must surf and slaughter their way through a Zombie Apocalypse. Players must avoid being eaten, while using their surfboard and weapons to kill zombies to score points. Featuring multiple levels, upgradable weapons, and character costumes. Enemies include zombies in life preservers, zombie surfers, pedalo zombies, Jet Ski zombies, and zombies in speedboats, as well as zombie sharks, and a few other special surprises. Players must also avoid hazards such as sea mines, collapsing rock stacks, and some other more extreme hazards yet to be announced. For PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone.