2011 Games

In 2011 the IGR was held in Rooms A and D at the Adelaide Convention Center. A stage was setup within the room to host talks, panels and demonstrations from people within the local games community. A keynote was presented by Tom Killen from The Voxel Agents. 2011 also saw a substantial increase in games with 31 games being shown, more than twice as many as the year before.

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antichamberby Demruth

Antichamber is an exploration puzzle game set within a surreal, non-physical world that breaks all the rules. Walls can break apart, space can twist around upon itself, and everything can change. In a world where nothing is as it seems, Antichamber is about going against what we expect a game to be, to recapture the essence of wonder found when we experience something new for the first time. With a minimalist aesthetic, hours of mind expanding gameplay, and a feel that can be found nowhere else, Antichamber has received numerous awards around the world.

ASLAV Vehicle Commander

aslavby Holopoint Interactive

ASLAV Vehicle Commander places the player in control of an Australian Light Armoured Vehicle.The primary objective is simple – reach your destination in precisely 3 minutes. Bonus points are gained by scouting locations of interest en route, and destroying opportunity without compromising the primary objective.The game is integrated with Facebook and includes online high score functionality, so be sure to compete with your friends!

Battle Command

BattleCommandeditby Mighty Kingdom

Seek, Attack and Destroy the enemy before they annihilate your force! Relive the nostalgia of classic battle strategy games with this exciting modern evolution.

Company of Zeroes

companyofzerosby Third Porridge

Army style action-strategy for i-phone! Send forth your rag-tag troops and take strong points to bolster your forces and cut-off enemy supply to diminish theirs. Using a simple tap and drag control scheme throw tanks, jeeps and grunts to their deaths and work your way to the enemy’s base to win but don’t let your own supply lines get cut-off! Go deep into enemy territory, turn the tide of the war!


crabitronby Two Lives Left

Two Lives Left presents CRABITRON, an iPad game where you take command of a Giant Space Crab (Giganticus Crabtaculus) – using your fingers to precisely control your humongous claws. Terrorize the local human space population! Pincer puny spaceships to pull them apart and eat their space captains! Deflect missiles, absorb lasers and even fight the devious Space Sharks™ of the Seafood Nebula. Find awesome and creative ways to use your claws to satisfy your ever increasing appetite… for destruction!

Critical Mass

criticalmassby Manic Games

Critical Mass is an action puzzle game that takes the traditional match 3 game style and brings it into the world of 3D. The game combines fast addictive gameplay with strategy to create a new and innovative play experience. With 3 levels of difficulty and 4 distinct game modes, there is a play style to suit everyone, from new gamers to hardened veterans. You can challenge yourself to complete all of the achievements or compete online to take the top of the leaderboards. The exciting colourful art style, great music and challenging gameplay will keep you coming back for more.

Defence Cannon

defencecannon8by Universe One Interactive

Put that urge to blow stuff up to good use, and report in to take control of your own oversized high-powered super cannon to defend your barricade from an army of giant mechanical insects, in this modern arcade style game for the iPhone and iPad.

Achieve high combos and collect items to supercharge your cannon with upgrades like explosive missiles, beams that pierce through any enemy and many other beam modifications.

Rotate your view to find and monitor approaching threats, before you find yourself ambushed and overwhelmed by a hoard of enemies.

You’ve been assigned to defend in several locations each with their own hazardous conditions.


drawgodsby blahbleh

drawgods allows players to collaborate in modifying any and every part of a 2D map, so that they can help a lost and confused spacecraft finds its way back home against a slew of obstructions. Managing the limited drawings resources to strategically mould the environment is key to keeping the attackers at bay. Lay traps to cunningly lure pursuing attackers into destruction, while navigate your character to perfect safety, all the while both building and exploring the landscape.

Driving Speed Pro

drivingspeedproby Wheelspin Studios

Driving Speed is a car racing game for the iPad. Features include high quality 3D graphics, realistic car physics, high quality sound, competitive AI, single player mode versus up to 5 computer controlled cars. Vehicles available include V8 cars from classic era to modern day. Race on tracks that are based on real world closed circuit race tracks. In career mode you can experience a real racing career, purchase a collection of cars, race in organised series events to earn money, purchase performance upgrades and repair damage after events.


evacuateby I Love Biscuits

It’s moist! It’s wet! It’s musty! It’s time to Evacuate! Who knew a scuba diving gerbil swimming through a dump dispatcher could be so addictive? Evacuate is a fun faecal filled side-scrolling adventure with fast paced progressive gameplay. Avoid ping pong balls and cutlery, splash past disposable razors, dodge intestinal worms and chew on chillies to discharge a gastric gurgle. How long can you survive? Rated A …. for Awesome!


expand20by Chris Johnson

Expand is a game that is experimental in nature, it explores circular space in a two dimensional world. Within this world circular bodies expand and shrink between concentric circles that act as a lense into this world. The player exists as the only paradox within this world, for they are a humble, cartesian square with a pink outline and white filling. Players must explore this new representation of space while avoiding being squashed. The circular world creates an interesting visual aesthetic that is almost hypnotic in nature. The modified representation of space exists beyond the circular world, for space can also be wrapped and twisted in different ways.


floutby Black Flamingo

Bullied for long enough by a government with an iron grip over the city with its unfair monopolies, the citizens form a team of rebels. They fight in a civil war funded by theft and crime over their freedoms. A functioning and lively city a few decades into the future is quickly turned into a battleground. Flout is a proof on concept for a first person shooter game. The concept features a capture the flag conflict with rebels defending stolen goods they intend to transport over the recently hijacked rail network.

Gelati Safari

gelati6by Mighty Kingdom

Ice cream is for suckers. And lickers, probably. Processed, stale and boring. Gelati is where it’s at! Free range, sweet, delicious Gelati. And everybody knows that Gelati comes from the Enchanted Frozen Forest. Right? Right. But how do we get these delicious treats from their sub-zero winter wonderland to all those hungry kids? By donning your leopard print safari outfit and taking your ice cream truck out to the frozen forest, that’s how!

Grab the wandering Gelati as they amble from their Frozen Forest and toss them into their respective container. Try to get the Gelati safely stored before they melt from the heat! Remember, keep the flavours separate – they don’t play nice together.

Gem Thief

gemthiefby Evil Genius

Gem Thief is a 2D obstacle puzzle game for iOS devices where you must navigate a thief character through over 25 levels of varying complexity in order to find and collect all of the gems!

Your puzzle solving skills will be put to the test as you search each level and you’re required to move boulders, destroy obstacles and above all, risk your life in order to orchestrate your victory!

Hatland Adventures

hatlandby Team Fractal Alligator

Hatland Adventures is all about speed, momentum and hats. A fast paced 2D sidescrolling runner with a unique hat based health system, hatland adventures delivers a unique, fast and beautiful glance into the world of the truly extreme hat collector. Form a majestic tower of hats honing your skills in practice mode, before testing them for fun and profit (unlocks and leaderboard positions) in Chase mode. Use varied and unique powerup hats to get an edge and play however you want. Hatland Adventures is fast, fun and absolutely filled with hats.

Master Thief

masterthiefby Universal Chicken

Returning from the Indie Games Room 2010, Master Thief is a casual sneaking game in the tradition of Metal Gear Solid. Your goal is simple – get in, grab the loot, and get out without being caught. In this year’s all new set of levels players will learn to outsmart a new opponent, the Guard Dog, who uses his powerful canine sense of smell to track the player.

Mega Footy

megafootyby Tom Lee Games

Mogo the Monkey

mogoby Enabled Games

Mogo was torn away from his peaceful life in the Aztec jungles by the villainous Marquis de Poo Poo. Why? To set up an insidious toilet paper factory producing toilet paper made from only the finest Aztec vegetation. Help Mogo exact his revenge by bringing Marquis de Poo Poo to his well-deserved demise.

Monster Truck Destruction

MTD04by ODD Games

Coming in 2011… Monster Truck Destruction is an action/racing game being developed for iPhone, Android and Facebook.

Your fans are waiting for you… they are willing you to destroy everything in sight and cause ultimate destruction! Drive your truck to it’s limits and destroy everything to gain the applause of your fans! Monster Truck Destruction will provid the most thrilling and destructive gameplay on the iPhone, everything can be bent, broken and utterly destroyed when you smash and crash your way through every challenge.

But be careful! The crowd wont be truly happy until you have destroyed everything, including yourself!


ortus2by Jazza Studios

Ortus is an upcoming Medieval Fantasy (Flash) RPG set in the land of Candor 100 years after the Battle for Wayland Keep. All of your actions cause an effect. The reputation you build (or break), the people you help (or hurt) and the skills you gain, will lead you to a unique story path, and one of ten different endings. Ortus features hundreds of items and unique locations to explore, and many relationships to build for good, evil, or anything in between.


pixlby Cabin Pressure

MONOPOLISE THE ZOMBOCALYPSE! After a terrible plague devastates the human race, it is your responsibility to gather together the shattered remnants of humanity and protect them from the zombie hordes. Experience an epic struggle to survive in a time when modern comforts are all but forgotten. With 10 unique and individual weapons, charming retro-themed graphics, a huge map to explore, and the ability to build and micromanage your own village community, this is an open-ended fps with hours of gameplay potential. Enter the world of PiXLDeAD, a post-apocalyptic zombie survival game with retro graphics, village building simulation, and general zombie mayhem.

Professor Lambos Magnificent Maze

profby Digital Lamb

Professor Lambo is lost within his Magnificent Maze. Join in the madness and pick a door. There’s gold, food, keys and items to collect. How many Critters can you catch as you twist, slide and climb your way through the most elaborate maze known to man?

Project Seven

projectsevenby Nightfall Studios

Project Seven has you stepping into a new arena of action gameplay. With clever use of your shield, you must defeat foes that are tougher, faster, better equipped and more numerous.The forces of armies are arrayed against you, so you must be selective. The influential aid them, so you must find allies. The walls of the world protect them, so you must find a way in. A veil of secrecy shrouds them, so you must delve into the unknown.Only caution and cunning will see you through in an environment where a few bad moves could spell your doom.

Quube twodee

qubeeditby Universal Chicken

Quube twodee is a puzzle game where gravity doesn’t behave quite how you might expect. Become unshackled by the cruel bonds of abelian exploration; down is whichever way it seems to be. Pitfalls become corridors, corridors become difficult climbs, stairs become rotated stairs. Navigate the labyrinths of the mysterious cube fruit (2 to 4 servings recommended daily) and discover the secret of the space seeds. Will the Quube bend your brain the way it bends gravity?


riseby Argon

A game of reflex, cunning, timing, and madness, “Rise” puts you in the shoes of Helios, party-boy prince turned ruthless daily deity.

Roll the sun around the strangely cubular world of ancient Greece. Get it back up in the sky before ol’ Zeus catches on or you’ll be in for a world of smitin’. Turn the world upside-down, inside-out in your all out quest to restore order after a night of total chaos

Sovereign Wars

soverignby Tri Path Games

Sovereign Wars is a strategy game where the goal is to destroy the enemy keep. To achieve victory players will have to out manoeuvre each other to capture strategic locations to generate resources, which will allow players to improve their troops in various aspects.

The game by conventional RTS standards is very limiting with the amount of direct control over units. Between the bases of the 2 players there are various paths troops can take, which is controlled by the player. Players also have the ability to use resources to build towers to increase their defensive capabilities.

The Hive

thehiveby .TGA(TAFE Game Arts)

Deep down underground in unknown territory, two opposing teams vie for control over a high-tech mining & research facility located in the heart of what has come to be known to its inhabitants as ‘The Hive’, the inner sanctum playing host to more than just rocks & dust.

Use your skills to fight off the opposing team and take control of the facility. A fast paced FPS experience, The Hive is a completely fresh Unreal Tournament 3 multiplayer experience from the artists of ‘.TGA’. Built from the ground up with gorgeous visuals, The Hive is sure to leave even the fastest FPS fan with a bugged out trigger finger.

Tiger in a Bubble

tigerinbubble7by Sloth Creations

Why on Earth is there a Tiger in a Bubble? Well, this is not Earth. You play a Tiger who has been teleported to an alternate dimension which lacks oxygen. You must navigate a puzzle packed realm of virtual insanity, collecting mystical orbs to power portals in hope that one portal will teleport you back home. The direction of gravity in this dimension is relative to the player and can be changed throughout the game. Each puzzle requires you to manipulate your relative gravity, bounciness and floatation to complete the puzzle.

Trials 2

trials2by tijital-games

Test your skill and determination in Trials 2, a virtual reality obstacle course.

Set in a colourful and stylised digital world, Trials 2 re-imagines many of the elements of old-school platformers and brings them into a 3D world.

Face various challenges in this unique and immersive exploration of classic and original mechanics - in which the goal is to complete levels as quickly as possible. The game features a timer that is always ticking and all your times are recorded and uploaded to an online scoreboard.

Turret Tactix

turrettactix2by Ascended Gaming

The year is 2544, join the defense ranks at a crucial stage in the future of the human race as savage hordes of aliens invade. With the earth reduced to rubble in the wake of these mysterious raiders, it’s up to you to unravel their story and discover the secrets of their existence to protect mankind’s last hope in this tower defense with a twist. Play through different games modes including story mode, survival mode and energy mode.


yaniveditby Tarnegol Games

Yaniv is a Viral Card-Game spread around the world by backpackers, and various adventurers, its origins are shrouded in mystery.For their debut game release, Tarnegol Games decided to introduce this surprisingly addictive card-game to a wider audience by bringing it to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.Each player must use strategy, wits, and intuition, in order to win. Last player standing is the winner!Yaniv for the iOS features the extremely addictive and fast game-play that made Yaniv a popular card-game worldwide.A highly rewarding competitive game that’s easy to learn but hard to master!