2010 Games

In 2010, IGR moved across into Hall A within the Adelaide Convention Centre. This hall allowed for IGR to expand with 14 games being shown. As with previous years several panels were held about art, programming and business. Tony Reed from the Game Developers Association of Australia visited IGR to contribute to the panel discussion.

8th Hour

8thhourby Black Flamingo

The 8th Hour is a psychological horror game that takes place in a derelict hospital in the mind of the dead Lillian White. She suffered and died from the neglect of the doctors and nurses. As a punishment, she?s imprisoned you and the hospital staff inside her warped vision of the hospital. She shows her hatred towards the hospital?s inhabitants by transforming the doctors and nurses into disfigured monsters. You are trying to piece together the puzzle and find a way out of the hospital, fighting your way past the creepy inhabitants while surviving Lillian?s control over the building.

Bike Awesome

by Universe One

Bike Awesome puts you behind the handle bars of a new sophisticated military bike prototype powered by how awesome you are (more awesome = more power). Upgrade your weapons using pickups, destroying enemies and keeping a high speed.

It’s the year 2120 and the earth is being overrun by an unknown enemy :O, and it’s up to you to take out this new army by using the weapons on your bike and navigating your way through the battle zone and destroy anything that even looks at you funny. 

Counter Factual

by Asterism

"If only..." Do you ever wish you could re-wind time?

The Undisclosed Spacestation has just exploded, destroying you along with it. This is but one of many possible futures you are free to choose. Rewind time, undo mistakes; causality is plaster and you are a space-time artist. Can you uncover every secret and live to see tomorrow? Make no mistake: challenge your mind in this explosive adventure in which you must explore time and space in order to avert impending doom.


by Game Jum

An egg with no legs was unhappy,
"To the top!" it said "Make it snappy!"
It befriended two cubes,
who would help it move,
"You're pushing slower than my ol' Pappy!".

It seemed the cubes were quite harmless.
Unfortunately they were also armless.
And all they could do,
was try push to move,
this egg, who was decidedly charmless.

They pushed 'till their pants* were soiled,
for what reason, you ask, have they toiled?
Well when push comes to shove,
these cubes do it for love.
But boy, was their new friend hard-boiled.

They tried for this egg really hard.
And regretted not bringing the cart .
They got to the top,
and thought they could stop,
but realised they were just at the start.

*cubes not actually wearing pants

Incline Racer

InclineRacerby Two Lives Left

inCline Racer is a game for iPhone and iPad that is all about speed and timing. Slide along arctic terrain and launch into insanely high jumps. Land smoothly on downward slopes to score combos. Whoosh through the air with a tremendous feeling of speed using intuitive controls. Just touch the screen to fall faster. There are four different gameplay modes, all designed to get your heart racing and provide unique challenges! Customize your character and challenge a friend to beat a ghost of your best run! Get a highscore and beat your friends!


by Nine Lives

The city of Clintopolis is under the stranglehold of gang warfare. Under resourced, the police have no choice but to Lockdown the warzones and let the gangs wipe each other out. Get behind the wheel of your hotted-up super car and blast you way to victory. Thrilling high speed racing action meets explosive shooter gameplay in this original PC title. Vie for dominance in a city wide gang war. Utilize all your skill and strategy in intense ‘capture the flag’ gameplay with an edge. Fans of racing or shooting games will love the fusion of these two ever-popular genres.

Master Thief

masterthief4by Universal Chicken

Mega Footy

megafooty2by Tom Lee Games

Monster Boom

by Tallbox Studios

Monster boom! A great Minigame based on the concept of smashing your way through Cities with Giant Lava Boulders of doom!! Smash and pulverise as many buildings as you can, racking up massive points. Keep those fireballs flying as much as possible, ensuring the Puny Humans are left on their toes, as the lava Monster mindlessly smashes his way to happiness!!


by Astro Fuel Buddies

Explore a world where death is productive and single-player is co-op.Occlusion is a unique and creative new sidescrolling puzzle platformer that brings a new kind of problem solving to the table. Explore a beautiful, mysterious world filled with completely original enemies and locations, where things are never quite as they seem.Take on puzzles that challenge conventional ways of thinking by using your own past selves so solve them over one loop of time. Get ready to play something completely different. 

Paper Man

by Game Jum

Fly a burly man on a penny farthing, sent back in time, through the seedy underbelly of old Higglebottom town. Time is of the essence! Avoid obstacles such as cogs, spikes and cogs. Hop on your bike, try not to lose your hat, and get that briefcase delivered! This game is the* game of AVCON 2010!

If you play only one penny farthing flight simulator this year, make it this one!  


Pooper Trooper

pooperby I Love Biscuits

It’s 1859, and the Wild West is in full swing. But these open plains ain’t no place for critters, ya hear? Pooper Trooper is a manic side-scrolling adventure of Wild West proportions! Take control of a monkey and his noble dog companion as they take on the western frontier together. Fresh from a bust out from the pet shop, our dynamic duo are on the run and reckon they need your special kinda justice! Dodge cacti and rocks, jump deep crevasses, pick up bananas, swish through old western saloon doors, and throw monkey poop! How long can you survive Pooper Trooper?


by Critical Strike

Run away! In a not-too-distant future; innocent, defenceless robots are being compacted into beer cans and paperweights. Runaway puts you in the rocket shoes of ARON, a Defective on his way to be crushed. Dodge through the massive machines of the futuristic cityscape; weave through thick forests, barrel through underground caves, and use your booster rockets to blast over obstacles. Break free from your programming and escape from the iron rule of your evil human captors; and maybe someday return, to liberate your people... 

Spartan Athletics

spartanby Soda Cube

In the ancient world, Spartan Warriors were feared by all men. They were soldiers, focused and dedicated to glory on the battlefield. During the dull times of peace, Spartan Warriors would compete against each other in the arena. Are you fast enough, strong enough or Spartan enough to join them?Spartan Athletics takes advantage of the touch screen design, combining refreshingly simple and unique controls with superb in-depth gameplay. With real physics and stunning graphics, you will be immersed into the Spartan psyche, extracting every ounce of speed, power and endurance from your fingertips in your quest for ultimate glory!