2009 Games

In 2010, IGR moved across into Hall A within the Adelaide Convention Centre. This hall allowed for IGR to expand with 14 games being shown. As with previous years several panels were held about art, programming and business. Tony Reed from the Game Developers Association of Australia visited IGR to contribute to the panel discussion.

Artificial Pride 2080

by Universe One

Ever wanted to battle your way through an army of steam punk robots, completely annihilate everything in their base and destroy all they have worked so hard for?Using the Wii remote and nun chuck with a platformer style of control, fight your way through this side scrolling beat-em-up as a superior hand combat android on a mission to recover vital information from an inferior race of robots. Play it solo or get a friend to join you in this awesome co-op adventure and compete for battle points at the end of the level.


CHRONOGAUSSby HeadDesk Laboratories

In the vast nothingness of space, mysterious and unrelated events are taking place. As a non-sentient being, it is not your job to contemplate why. An affection-starved computer, a broken spaceship, and many more elaborate contraptions lie dormant in the great void. Every puzzle pits you against the odds, challenges your reflexes, tests your cognitive substance, breaks you down and builds you up again, throws you to the lions. Bounce, roll and fly your way through a sterling adventure of speed, precision and obtruse machines. Never before has the universe faced a well-rounded hero of such modest diameter.


by Conspiracy Games


Race your way through the massive Hadron Collider. Pick up speed as you zoom through magnetic rings, and speed gates. Go as fast as possible as you reach your final destination, an explosive collision! Dodge through whirling gears, pulsing particles, and massive tunnels. Sacrifice your speed to change shape and use special tactical powers, or put the pedal to the metal and leave your adversaries far behind. Only the fastest particles can make it through. See if you have what it takes to create a black hole and doom the entire human race!

Cosmic Crush

by Galactic Flash Games

The player begins as a lowly space rock, drifting aimlessly around space. Steer your space rock through the universe and help it grow into a planet, a sun, a galaxy even! Devour smaller space debris to increase your mass. Look out for larger bodies, which will pull you in with their powerful gravity. You loose some of your own mass after a collision with a large object. Luckily you can collect meteors, and keep them in your orbit as moons. Moons are your last line of defense against dangerous space junk, use them to clobber rocks and planets out of your way!

Driving Speed Pro

drivingspeedpro22by Wheelspin Studios

Driving Speed Pro is a car racing game for the PC. Features include high quality 3D graphics, realistic car physics, high quality sound, competetive AI, single player mode versus up to 11 computer controlled cars, 8 player multiplayer over LAN or internet. Support for keyboard, force feedback steering wheels and Xbox controllers. Automatically submit and compare your lap times with other players in the online world rankings. Cars available include V8 muscle cars from classic era to modern day. Race on tracks that are based on real world closed circuit race tracks. Driving Speed Pro is currently an unreleased sequel to the popular game Driving Speed 2.

Johnny’s Piggy Bank

johhny ss2by Silhouette Studios

Johnny's Piggy Bank is a Financial Education game aimed at children. Using fun jobs to earn pocket money children learn important aspects of finance, whilst saving up to purchase cool items such as go-carts, bikes, pets and clothing. Children must budget and decide when and how to spend their money. Features include a banking system with calculated interest, and a living stock market. Financial education is one of the critical keys to success. Johnnie brings awareness of Financial Literacy to children’s computer screens where they can learn money and life skills needed to be successful in the world, all while having fun!

Mean Bean

bean screenshotby I Love Biscuits

…meanwhile in the faraway land of Beantopia, tensions were rising. The local bean counters had been noticing odd seismic activity on their equipment all day. Little did they know that this was the first coming of Mean Bean. They needed a battle hardened hero, someone you could say had bean around. They needed…Commander Bean! Some said he was too old, a ‘has bean’ they would argue, but everyone, even the town drunk, Jim Bean, knew that this was Beantopia’s last hope. Take control of Commander Bean, the traps are ready to be set, loyal beans ready to die, the village must be saved!

New Horizon

newhorizonby Black Flamingo

New Horizon is an art focused Unreal Tournament 3 mod by the talented young Team Black Flamingo who are aiming to gain employment in the Game Industry. Although art focused, attention has been given to assure fun game play and level design. The main feature; an eternal concrete wall looks upon a deserted city. Secrets are held within the wall, like a large unopenable door, and hints to the past are scattered throughout. Its balanced art content and style creates a fantastic environment for a death match.

The Amazing Inch

amazinginchby Dudez a Plenti

Join The Amazing Inch and his partner Neurotica in the adventure of their lifetimes as the take the opportunity to fill in for their super hero peers. Navigate around the colourful world of the Super Acquaintances and find the parts to construct a less than conventional vehicle so they can save the world. Traverse a cast of colourful heroes and zany locations in this old school point and click adventure and put your logic skills to the test with the bizarre puzzles and laugh at the tongue and cheek humour. Just remember, sometimes and inch is all you need.

Wheelers Treasure

wheelerby Two Lives Left

Legend has it the dread pirate Wheeler went missing soon after finding a cursed treasure. Follow the mysterious wheel made from the remains of his cursed pirate ship as it takes you toward your goal. Meet with Wheeler's old crew along the way and gather their magical treasures. Can you undo the curse and make off with the bounty? Find out in this 2D platformer for the iPhone. Features collectible items, adventure mode, varied enemies and an endless mode with random terrain and online high scores – how far can you get before the curse gets you?